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Alican – Rosybar EP (Isolate)


It’s hard to believe that Isolate is only 5 releases in. In such a short time Alican and Murat Uncuoglu’s label has become a trusted go-to for deep, interesting, grooving house music. Hitting that sweet spot that has elements of progressive, tech-house and deep house and showcasing artists such as the excellent Rafael Da Cruz, Mool and Murat Uncuoglu & Alican themselves, but becoming, as all good labels should be, a space for the curation of a sound. It comes as no surprises that the sound is close to Alican and Murat’s own style of which the ‘Rosybar EP’ is a great example.

There are four tracks on offer here, each of them strong in their own right, but different in intensity and style. ‘No Such Thing’ opens the EP, a strong, bass-driven, progressive/tech crossover with a squiggly LFO lead and a simple, but effective, riff that is quite a peak-time moment, perhaps at the detriment of the soulful groove that we know Alican can reach.

Rosybar’ goes a good way to make up for that with its bass groove, deeper overtone and Twilo style riff. ‘Rosybar’ is a brilliant mood-shifter, picking up a gear out of a mid-set lull and firing into peak-time but leaving plenty of space for that hands in the air moment.

Farfissa’ is the track where Alican reaches his EP nirvana, and whilst it might not be the most immediate, the 3am vibe, grooving bassline, rattling percussion and subtle melodies make this the track of the EP. It has that undefinable quality that gives it a beating heart, a feeling and that elusive soul.

Closing the package ‘Sinflat’ is another late night, bass-driven lurker with a melodic synth lead and a darker foreboding feeling, like watching a storm roll in over the sea, a natural phenomenon that’s hard to take your eyes off.

If you haven’t tuned into Isolate I would suggest that you turn the dial, tune out the static and zone into the deep, blissful grooves. Alican & Murat Uncuoglu have an ear for music and the production skills to put them in just the right spot to blaze the trail. Without a doubt there’s more to come.

Score: 9/10

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