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Alican – Magazine EP (Isolate)


I keep saying that electronic music is finally in the midst of a renaissance of interesting, quality music. Could there be a better example of this than the first two releases on Isolate? Murat Uncuoglu’s ‘Dummy EP’ was mind-blowingly good, hitting that sweet-spot between the Holy trinity of house, techno and progressive. Now label co-owner Alican mirrors the quality and captures the essence of that first release, perhaps even stepping it up a gear with the ‘Magazine EP’.

The opening track ‘Magazine’ pulls no punches. From the very start it’s powerful, commanding and loud as hell. It is stacked full of analogue style goodness, shifting bass frequencies and, firing yet simple melodies. Is it techno? Yes. Is it progressive? Yes. Is it house? Yes it is, deep and organic but rolling and head-noddingly chuggy. It’s the kind of music that you lose your shit to in a club with a huge sound system.

‘Complex Simplicity’ is, despite being a variation on a theme, the better track. Its structure and arrangement is quite simply a masterclass. The layers of sound build and build like a wall of frequencies being fired at you out of the Gustav Gun. The backbone of the track is wide and round, full of the kind of bass that makes the walls sweat. This is the kind of music that sounds like it was made on synthesizers from the 80’s with robots from the future.

‘Sorrow’ is the third and final track, slightly deeper, almost filmic with more ambient sounds, pads and a wonderful echoing piano. Thoughtful, even melancholy like looking at the moon on a summer’s night and wondering what’s up there, it feels simple, but it’s the feeling that gets you. ‘Sorrow’ is a divine piece of deep, progressive house in the vein of All Day I Dream but, to my ear, more accessible, more usable.

Three original tracks, three belters. No waffey remixes, no noodling weaknesses. To coin a phrase, all killer no filler. If Murat & Alican can keep this up Isolate will be one of the most renowned labels in its genre. Get in at the ground floor, you don’t want to be the last in the know do you?

Score: 8.5/10

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