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Alexander Church – Edge of Awareness EP (inc. Jody Barr Remixes) Configurations of Self


It seems like an age since Alexander Church‘s ‘The Edge of Awareness EP’ was passed to a lucky selection of DJ’s who immediately seized the opportunity to jump right on it making it one of the biggest tunes of the year to date. Such luminaries as John Digweed, Jody Wisternoff, James Organ, Just Her, Chicola, Horse Meat Disco, Hernan Cattaneo, Blond:ish, Renato Cohen, Ramon Tapia and Dubfire were invested and rightly so, such a quality EP doesn’t sashay up every day and introduce itself.

Configurations of Self label boss Alexander Church steps up with a deep and throbbing, melodic techno cut. ‘Edge of Awareness‘ is one of those crossover tracks that sits well in a progressive set, a deep-house set, warm-up or back room. Programmed right this could be a key transition track with its lush ambient sounds, cleverly programmed throughout, cut-up vocals, ever-changing landscape and progressive arrangement. It might take you a few listens but ‘Edge of Awareness’ is a quality player, driving and groovy, it’s one that stays in the record box for some time.

Jody Barr

Jody Barr has tipped over from up and coming to an established producer with some stellar productions on quality labels such as Portable Minds (check ‘Lavender Fields’), James Zabiela’s Born Electric and Sasha’s Last Night on Earth. The great (and unusual) thing about Jody is he is equally comfortable with breaks as he is four-to-the-floor, which highlights his skill as a producer and his ear for great music. Because he was so early to the game on the current resurgence of breaks you’d have to say he was at the very least a major influencer on the current sound. This remix of ‘Edge of Awareness‘ is one of the tracks that really moved the bar (no pun intended), with its laid-back vibe it’s equally at home round the pool, on a livestream or dancefloor. The bass and break somehow make it sound modern and classic at the same time and the use of vocals and simple melodies are sublime. This really is a production masterclass, well balanced and just all-round standout in composition, production and emotion.

‘Phenomonology’ is another deep, atmospheric cut. It’s a variation on a theme, but when the theme is good that is no bad thing. The bass is absolutely firing, deep and bubbly and the ambients are thick and layered. This is music to dream to.

Finally Jody Barr treats us to another remix, moving away from the breaks and going subterranean deep proving his diversity and talent and most importantly turning in the goods yet again. The groove here is immense, it’s really as if Jody let it all hang out and did what the heck he wanted. The growling Reese style bass, the bleepy arpeggios and ethereal pads and riffs. Jody‘s remix of ‘Phenonomology’ is a grower not a shower, it just gets under your skin with its ebbs and flows, it’s raw emotion and vibe. Despite not being an obvious pick, this really is one of the big tunes of late.

This is a great EP, solid originals and I can’t say enough good things about Jody Barr’s remixes. There’s a lot of talent at the ‘Edge of Awareness’.

Score: 9/10

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