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Bawrut – JOMO EP (Pets Recordings)


If there is a more relevant title to an EP this year, I haven’t heard it. ‘JOMO’ – the Joy Of Missing Out, which means live in your moment without worrying about what anyone else is doing. Why that resonates with me is Bawrut is doing exactly that on his 4 track ‘JOMO EP’, and it sounds just like that; unique, joyful and unashamedly indifferent of current trends. ‘JOMO’ is all the better for it.

‘Pioneer is a six minute worm-hole back to the time when your palms sweated with anticipation to see what the next tune would bring and what it was going to do to your mind, body and soul. Starting with a wonderful, teasing, grooved out three minute build up with bleepy riffs, big house-tempo drumsets, spoken vocals, dub delays, snare rhythms and bringing it all together a set of other-worldly strings. On its own the groove is impressively big, and somewhat intimidating, like watching a rockfall hurtling down the mountain right at you. When that old-school bass kicks in after the break the whole track is nerve-tingingly, arm-wavingly, jump-up-and-downingly immense. This is a festival thumper, a party-starter and a nonchalant, confident, coming of age house rhythm.

‘Desert Island’ is just as testing. It’s testing if you can dance, it’s testing if you’re stuck in your groove and testing if your mind is open. It’s sort of acid house, sort of. It’s fluid and warbling and weird. It’s attention grabbing and wonderfully out of the ordinary, full of twitching 303 and out-of-kilter vocals. Remember the time when it was good to be weird? You don’t need to, that time just came to you.

‘Piano & Piano’ is a high energy, stab-fuelled, intense house track with a searing lead and vocal snippets, bonkers percussion and more energy than an imploding star.

Finally ‘Your Job Is My Job’ is a lumpy, analogue style, bass-led house track with a cool vocal sample “Your job on this planet is to make psychedelics and turn on the world” that I believe is a quote if Nick Sand from the documentary Orange Sunshine.

Kink is a big fan, as am I. Bawrut is giving me the courage to get my freak on. I feel like I just found a lost Warehouse Classic from back in the day.

It’s your turn to tune out the FOMO, tune in the JOMO and open your mind, bring your old-school bang up to date. One of this month’s best releases. Miss this, you guessed it, at your peril.

Score: 8.5/10

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