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Label: Bedrock
Release Date: Out Now

Head honcho at Liverpool’s legendary 3 Beat Records, long-standing Cream resident, Red Zone radio host, Alderaan promoter and co-owner of the excellent Selador Records, it is fair to say that Steve Parry’s reach and influence from his long career achievements has spread far and wide into the electronic music scene. All round good guy and talented DJ, it’s surprising that Steve has managed to stay out of the limelight for so long. But let’s get serious – as uncompromising as ‘Flippant’ is, a record with such stratospheric potential is never going to keep you on the down-low.

It seems obvious (as do all good things in hindsight) that decades of absorbing the best quality house music there is available will result in a production that manages to showcase many of the elements of timeless productions. The result is smooth as silk but rough as sandpaper, polished yet raw, uncompromising but somehow familiar. The real mystery is how this record hasn’t come out of Steve Parry’s mind before, with his love of rollicking, squelchy acid and classic drum-sets it seems that ‘Flippant’ was perhaps queued in his brain waiting for the right time to pounce.

From the very start this is a track that means business with it’s heavy 909 kick and conga percussion leading quickly into a classic 303 bassline. Spiraling analogue, soaring strings and a well placed vocal sample that some of you crate diggers might be able to place but will nag in the brain of others given it’s familiarity yet not its obvious nature. The arrangement builds into peaks of troughs exercising the 303 from its nagging jog to a screaming sprint and back again to take the bass-bin breaking groove to an earth orbiting spectacle and back.

What is very obvious is ‘Flippan’t is a heavyweight groove of epic proportions, it is quite simply an enormous record of the type we just don’t see enough of these days. A modern production that evokes the excitement and emotions of house music from back in the day, which is a truly rare thing.


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