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Micah & Kiz Pattison – Fluque (incl. Audioglider and Robert Bell remixes) Pangea


Micah Lukasewich & Kiz Pattison are one of those producer pairings that just work. Both are talented producers in their own right. Kiz Pattison (also Kiz) has been on a starbound trajectory this year with releases and remixes on respected labels such as Platipus, Selador and Renaissance. Micah has the scene pedigree of a producer that has released on iconic Global Underground, EQ , Baroque and Ruhnsong, a prolific producer now coming back to the scene super strong with a compliment of new productions. Together they bring something to their productions that spark. It’s hard to put your finger on it, but it sounds like the sum of the parts makes the whole with this artistic pairing. There seems to be a to-and-fro of filthiness on the one hand and refinement on the other. This conflicted approach meets in the middle and produces the energy of a tsunami rolling across the ocean gathering momentum as it goes. 

Fluque was inspired by an old Fluke tune”, says Kiz. He won’t be drawn on which one. “Everything was such a quick writing process” says Micah, “it all just fell into place really quickly”. The pair are humble enough not to brag, but bragging rights are reserved, for Micah & Kiz Pattison have created a monster of epic dirtiness, and melodic refinement.

Try not to pigeon hole. This is techno, right? Who cares, when that bass heavy groove kicks in it’s just arm waving, sweat making, shape throwing good times. There’s squelchy acid, an ear-worm melody, chants and bonkers tibetanesque long-horn sounds, man I just can’t keep up. When the break kicks in, an unexpected lush pad and gentle vocal lifts the whole affair. After the break everything just doubles down. It’s the kind of tinder-box track that causes a moment of club destruction people are still talking about ten years later.

On the remix Audioglider turns the breaks dial to 11, and capitalises on the plethora of parts that must have been available from the original. Like any great remix, the style is completely different, the original song is recognisable but the feeling is there too, just in a different way. Considering the current trend towards breaks, this would have to do well with the big jocks wouldn’t it?

Finally Robert Bell turns in a four-to-the floor remix with a rolling bassline, again using the melody and parts fantastically well and grooving out the whole thing to let it breathe. Another solid interpretation in a different style.

Pangea is a label that has recently not so much found its stride, but broken the four minute mile it’s running at such pace. Future contributions from some big names and a stellar roster of carefully curated up-and-comings will help Pangea to step up into the big league.

Mark my words, the original is a future classic. My only regret is there isn’t a vinyl pressing. I’d be the first to put my hand up.

Score: 9.5/10

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