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Mat Playford – Mr Future



Label: Hard Times
Release Date: Out Now

In today’s world of homogenous identikit house music, the biggest issue, bar none, is finding the best, most original, genre bending, boundary pushing tracks amongst the sheer overwhelming weight of releases out there. There are, of course, exceptions to the rule. Step in please Mat Playford. If you didn’t know him from earlier works such as ‘Thoughts Become Things’ or his exceptional rework of Josh One’s Contemplation you should get to know his 2014 album,  featuring the wonderful acid-piano workout ISON.

It’s always great to see an artist at the top of their game go ahead and step it up again. Mr Future is the antithesis of the loop based productions of recent generations. Progressive by nature not by genre this is liquid house, electronic soul, music by nurture but most of all – this is music. Soaring strings, rhodes piano, thunderous acid and a classic machine drumset are just a few of the elements that set Mr Future apart but it’s the arrangement that really pushes things forward as Mat has taken the conventional build and drop template and ripped it up, weaving in and out of the parts like a jazz band toying with a sequencer. There is melody here, twinkling arpeggios, subtle ambients and complex riffs but the soundscape is fluid like watching an inner-city scene from a train window. The influences are drawn from Chicago, Detroit the UK when vinyl ruled, but also from a wider range of genres that we don’t even dare guess at. There is clearly a merging of genres but not wanting to try and pigeonhole such a highly individual piece of work let’s just agree that this is amazing house music.

He’s not so much one to watch, but someone that’s arrived. Get to know Mat Playford, he is Mr. Future.


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