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M.E.M.O. – Another Night (Mobilee)


It just isn’t every day that a single comes along from an artist you’re not that familiar with that is so immediate you feel you have known their sound for a lifetime. Not only that but it’s all the things I value and continually strive to find in a release – deep, driving, quirky, original and full of feeling.

M.E.M.O have previously had releases stretching back to 2011 on a great quality set of labels such as Yoshitoshi and Bedrock and have worked with the respected Pig & Dan on some releases. Why I haven’t tuned into them before is anyone’s guess but I am grateful that I am now firmly locked onto their frequency.

The super consistent Mobilee have got the programming perfect on this release. To be honest it’s so obvious that there is a lead track, a groover and a more leftfield offering, it would have been hard to mess it up, but this is the blueprint of what a solid release should look like showcasing the different artist styles with a great progression, even over a number of tracks.

Another Night’ is a spellbinding seven and a half minutes of quirky, organic, deep, vocal house, both club-friendly and home listening friendly. The will to gush here is strong, because it’s rare that such emotion is brought into a track that can easily be played in a club setting. What’s more, the vocal style, the lyrics and melody are mind-blowingly good. Add to that the instrumentation which would stand up on its own as a track, then gently add to a mixing bowl and stir and what you have is the musical equivalent of a souffle; seemingly simple, but on reflection, deep in flavour, complex in composition and devilishly difficult to make.

There is nothing I don’t like about ‘Another Night’, it deserves to be a huge underground anthem and it’s as simple as that.

‘Lo Unico’ is another driving cut, this time not a full vocal and much deeper sounding but still with that trademark clear & crisp production, rumbling bass and masterful arrangement. The vocal snippets, the arpeggios, the ethereal pads and all held together with that nagging, round bass and snappy percussion. ‘Lo Unico’ has the feel of a stroll through the country as the sun sets and a wonderful star laden sky emerges. Vast and full of wonder, listening is like reaching out into the night sky and feeling like you can touch the milky way.

The final track ‘Ormus’ is a semi-ambient, full-of-soul, electronic composition of the type we don’t hear enough of these days. It has picked up a lot of support already including John Digweed on his excellent Transitions radio show which is great to see. In my view the only way that electronic music will keep moving forward is with artists like M.E.M.O willing to put themselves out there.

This release oozes quality from every pore. If there is any justice in the world M.E.M.O are set to be enormous and spread their quirky, deep, driving brand of house music across the globe. Wave the flag for M.E.M.O we are all behind you.

Score: 9/10

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