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Luke Brancaccio & Simon Berry – I Hear This (Bedrock)


I have been quite vocal this year about the importance of the partnership between Luke Brancaccio and Simon Berry. Both are established producers in their own right and both have the experience and pedigree to produce wonderful music individually or as part of other production partnerships (Art of Trance, Poltergeist, Union Jack, Suicide Sports Club etc.)

Put them near a synthesizer together and you get the feeling that like electronic music alchemists, they are drawing out the very best sounds, forming them into perfectly rounded basses and searing leads and arranging them into magnificent musical potions that make the whole electronic music scene that little bit more interesting.

‘I Hear This’ is a whopping nine minutes of progressive storminess. The sound is delicate and aggressive at the same time, full but somehow has the space to contain all the elements without it sounding muddy or complicated. The backbone of Luke & Simon’s sound is the bass. Always present and always interesting. Always huge in sound and always brilliantly designed, it is present in ‘I Hear This’ in abundance. There are catchy vocal snippets, subtle melodies, and interesting percussion firing off like a Catherine Wheel in the background. This is no nonsense, straight up club-fodder. Arguably not as immediate as ‘Close Your Eyes’ but perhaps a purer journey that marks a milestone in Luke & Simon’s pathway. Whatever the conclusion, ‘I Hear This’ is peak-time, pure-quality house music that reaches a ridiculously high standard of production and furthers the already stellar body of work that Luke & Simon are building.

It seems like man-of-the-moment Yotto is another one of those overnight successes, but his own body of work is becoming fairly substantial with original tracks on Anjunadeep dating back to 2015, Joris Voorn‘s Green and a long list of quality remixes. Support from the Radio 1 camp has culminated in this year’s Essential Mix and an album ‘Hyperfall’.

Yotto‘s version of I Hear This is a little harder than the original with a solid techno bassline on the one hand, but on the other a much softer set of ambient sounds, delicate arpeggios and pads and more of that clever percussion. When the hoover bass sound comes in during the break the whole thing goes stratospheric. This is a big remix for big dancefloors.

It’s easy to get complacent when there is this amount of good music around. Don’t take it for granted. We are in a new Renaissance of electronic music. Revel in it, and if you haven’t already – start with Luke Brancaccio & Simon Berry

Out today. Miss this at your peril. An extremely pure release.

Score: 9/10

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