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Luke Brancaccio & Simon Berry Feat. JJD Vs John Digweed & Nick Muir – Close Your Eyes


The unstoppable rise of Luke Brancaccio & Simon Berry continues with what is unquestionably one of the biggest tracks of the year so far. I recently wrote that Luke & Simon’s debut as a production partnership, Wake Up, had steered electronic music back (at least a little bit) to where it should be.

If that is the case, then Close Your Eyes, does not just stand on the shoulders of that release, but builds a huge, flag waving platform for electronic music to scream from in all its glory ‘look at me, take me seriously again’.

The original mix of Close Your Eyes is 8 minutes of rubber-bass, big, bad, techno-progressive crossover with an air of the delinquent and the manner of an intellectual.

Inspiration from the vocal was originally taken from Acen’s underground rave anthem of the same name, but this led back to the source material from The Doors’ 1987 Little Game, resung wonderfully by JJD for this release.

Luke & Simon’s experience of years of music production, not so much creates a sound, but an experience that hits you squarely between the eyes and leaves you wondering what exactly just happened. The appeal is universal, expect to hear Close Your Eyes at festivals, clubs, house parties, bars and pretty much everywhere else this summer.

If you needed any more of an excuse (or indeed any bigger endorsement than I could give) the second instalment of the release is provided by Bedrock boss John Digweed and long-time production partner-in-crime Nick Muir, who don’t so much as remix Close Your Eyes but take it down a dark alley and rough it up until it begs for forgiveness.


What John and Nick give us is a brash, confident analogue roller, distilled from the essence of every sweaty, 3am dancefloor and squeezed into six and a half minutes of squelchy, stompy, roof-raising bonkersness. This is not what I expected at all, and it’s all the better for it.

Is it true that interesting, no – mind-blowing electronic music is making a comeback? The evidence is here for all to see. Hang a sign on it, masters at work and be done.

Score: 9.5/10

Buy John Digweed &Nick Muir version from Beatport here:

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