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Jonas Rathsman – Draumzer (Mobilee)


Jonas Rathsman is one of the new stars emerging from a fresh wave of talent that look set to take a seat at the top table, partly because he is incredibly talented but partly because he knows the New World Order of things. Jonas, despite being a relatively fresh face on the global scene already DJ’s to large audiences globally, has pushed his Elements brand to successfully curate events and digital content and has a string of well received productions and full support of the Radio 1 machine.

The pragmatist says being an electronic musician is a now a multi-faceted affair, yet without talent none of this is possible and Jonas has it in spades.

Again this is where Jonas makes it easy for the players to support him, because his productions are accessible and credible at the same time.

Draumzer, is a 9 minute journey of nu-deep house, laid back and elegant, but completely spellbinding in its nature. Uncrowded yet full of melody, even symphony, Draumzer is a journey on the bullet train, speeding at 200MPH but at the same time looking up to the sky and feeling like your standing still. Trust me, Draumzer is a beautiful thing, perhaps even analogue sounding in this world of clipped digital sounds.

Despite Draumzer taking all the heat, the standout track of the release is Infinity & Beyond another long track at over 9 minutes, this time there is no ambients, no filmic parts, this is a pure and simple 100% weapon, a blunt instrument ready to pillage festivals across the summer. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still smart, it’s beautifully balanced, percussive, bass-driven and spiralling with analogue style synths shooting out like fireworks on bonfire night.

The groove is immense, but the breakdown at the 6 minute mark is an arm waving, sit-down inducing, jump-up and go nuts moment.

That’s all there is to it. Jonas Rathsman is a talent, and mark my words, is down for world domination. Get in now, and watch the rise and rise of a super star.

Score: 9/10

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