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Jenia Tarsol & Jinga feat. David Cantan – Back To Life (Blue Shadow)


If there was going to be a debut release on a label this month that was going to grab my attention it was this one. Virtually anything that Chaim produces has a touch of magic about it. The production is always beyond brilliant, loud and raw and in your face but mature without being over-slick. Couple this with the fact that the label shares the same name of what is arguably, Chaim‘s greatest track and you have me wide eyed and eager to hear if that lofty expectation is going to be reached.

But this isn’t all about Chaim, because Blue Shadow is a joint adventure with fellow Israeli Jenia Tarsol who has released music on luminary labels Rebirth & Crosstown Rebels.

The original of ‘Back To Life’ is brilliantly and unashamedly filthy. Fuzzed up bass and live sounding drums underpin this epic vocal from David Cantan. What I love about ‘Back To Life’ is it is not scared to be itself. It’s comfortable in its own skin. It demands to be different but the confidence of delivery is beyond impressive. Don’t expect a slick house production on this version, it’s an electronic band, a song – verses and a chorus and damn fine it is too. Then there’s the trumpet, the live sounding percussion that jumps out the speakers and the FUNK. It’s hard to find a comparison, but fans of LCD Soundsystem will get their freak on right here.

What Chaim‘s remix does is take what’s successful about the original and wrenches the dial towards the right until it reaches 11. Chaim is blessed with a touch of the genius. His version, despite still being way out there, is club friendly. The arrangement lets it breathe to fit into a set but it does not take the song away. Straight into the chorus it goes “the algorithms gone, the algorithms gone” with the trumpet swirling around the stratosphere like a solar flare trying to find its way into the next solar system. Oh my, this remix is huge.

Next up Moscoman delivers a curious, almost bizarre remix that has grown on me immeasurably since I first heard it. As if attempting to out do the oddness Moscoman lays the track out bare giving the drums and bass a stark acid-house feel, nagging bass and analogue, percussive drumset, dubbing out the vocal and drugging up the rest of the instrumentation to make a sleazy, low-slung builder that would rock ridiculously if programmed correctly on the right floor.

Takaboom‘ takes a back seat on the package due to the demanding nature of the original, but is surely worthy of its own release. Deep and driving house music, all analogue riffs percolating through the groove, big percussion firing sideways and a male vocal “dum, dum, dum, dum”. What’s more to say, simple and effective, not overdone Funktion-One business. Play it loud.

The Bambook remix smooths things down with a lick of the palm and adds a burbling acid-line, some lush Detriotesque pads and delivers this version with a punch in the eye.

It’s a mystifying release. Chaim‘s remix of ‘Back to Life’ is anthemic. Moscoman‘s version is baffling but good, ‘Takaboom’ is different again but excellent in a deep back-room way and Bambook flicks us the acid bean and grooves us to death.

If only all electronic music was this interesting. My single of the week. Get involved.

Score: 9/10

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