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Jay Clarke – Entitãs


BAXN002 Artwork-1

Release Date: 7/8/15

BLACKAXON commander, Jay Clarke, has been in our crosshairs ever since we had heard his label’s opening gambit First Flight at the start of the year. Clearing the shelves as quickly as it hit them, the release left us with high expecltations for the imprints sophomore effort and we’re pleased to say the burgeoning label hasn’t disappointed. Titled Entitãs, the three track effort sees Jay clamber back into the driving seat and makes for an uncomfortable but exciting ride with the his foot firmly down on the accelerator.

The opening track, Entity, really stamps its authority from the get go, with kicks synthesised to capsize freight ships, lining the underbelly teamed with a lead that resembles the thunderous howls of a monster lurking deep in the caverns in which this track was meant to be played it. Clever percussion work is used to tease the direction of track. Cultivating energy without relying solely on the power of the open hi hat is no easy job, which is what Clarke has down to a science here with clever use of drums and breakdowns.

The second piece, Ghosts of Acid eases up and goes down the analog route. The warm kicks and toms are garnished with some phased out hats feature in the lead up to the main acid show that filters into the centre stage gradually. Gentle pads wash over the brutish sounds to take the edge off, creating a sense of weightlessness, perfect for that 6 minute breather during peak time!

Existence Through Perception ominously opens up it’s kick drum-less intro with epic undertones. Melancholy strings build tension precisely and deliberately, with rhythm, in the form of spaced out percussion, constantly being added until the impactful dropping of the bass drum around the minute mark. This is where we can really absorb the essence of the track, an arpeggiated odyssey that puts its emphasis on creating a journey.

These three slabs show the versatility of Clarke as he provides fine material with no room for esotericism while sustaining non-conformity.


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