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James Silk – La Noche EP



Label: Hive Audio
Release Date: 13/04/2015

There’s a nonchalant ease that seems to abound on all of James Silk’s releases, and quite how he consistently delivers bomb after bomb is your guess as much as mine. Suffice to say, his is a raw talent, and he’s certainly worthy of the praise that his productions are bestowing on him. One label who’ve been singing his praises for some time now is Swiss outfit HIVE Audio, for whom Silk returns here thanks to the silky smooth sounds of the La Noche EP, a two-tracker that’s bulging with solid and dexterous dancefloor vibes.

Opening up the package is the title track itself, an all-shining, all-glittering wedge of tech house that gets lodged in one’s brain for some time after they hear it. Full of zest and charm, it hits you like the sun on a summer’s day, all the while enthralling thanks to its rollockling bassline. Once more, Mr. Silk has delivered!

Elsewhere, we have the sounds of ‘The Journey’, which is nothing if not aptly titled. Indicative of the producer’s penchant for soft synths and the more considered side of the spectrum, this is an equally brilliant- but ultimately very different – track to the one that came before. The A&R guys at Hive know excellence when they see it. This EP is no different.


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