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Label: Tough Luck Records
Release Date: Out Now

Following on from a string of fine releases that they have built up so far, Tough Luck Records bring another exemplary piece of raw, deep, dance floor focussed music on their fifth release from rising English talent Jack Wickham, who has been turning heads with his productions on Drumma and One Records and playing his music in Berlin and New York.

Jack briefly showed his skill with a remix on Tough Luck Records first ever release, The History EP from label boss Jonny Lawrence and here he gets chance to flex his muscles to the full, with two original tracks and two remixes from Nikola Gala and a return favour from Lawrence.

Opening track Adeja makes an instant impression with Jack’s trademark punchy, crisp percussion taking the lead before developing into a hypnotic, deep weapon. As if being taken into a dark storm a rupturing bassline sounds in and out alongside cutting edge synth work and whirling drum patterns. The subtle vocal transports the mind to a futuristic landscape. Adeja is a killer peak time anthem to execute on discerning dance floors.

Second track on the a-side is Raim, an intricate rhythmic piece, expertly crafted by Wickham. Raim is laden with clever drums and interesting samples to engage the listener. The tribal, soulful looping pattern to this tune brings a distinctly Romanian influenced feel. As it rolls on with its addictive groove, the precision of the detail and layers is highly notable and admirable for such a young artist.

On the flip the atmosphere is turned on its head completely with two stomping straight up techno remixes of Adeja. Nikola Gala deploys her Greek come Berlin influenced sound on the rework with a relentless, pounding kick, eerie echos and stabs. This is 4 am warehouse techno that will make all submit in its path.

B2 is the remix from Jonny Lawrence who provides his interpretation in some style. Starting with a kick that grips hold and progressively builds with bright pads and shimmering hi’s into a crescendo of four to the floor intensity.

Into Adeja carries on the great work that Tough luck Records have released so far with dance floor orientated music suitable for all hours from some of the most glowing up and coming artists. Don’t sleep on this one.


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