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Cypherpunx + Luke Branccaccio – Tears+Lies EP (Bedrock Records)


A thumping collaboration between the mysterious Cypherpunx and Luke BrancaccioTears+Lies’ is a moving new EP on Bedrock that wouldn’t be out of place in a modern-day requiem. 

The original vocal mix of ‘Tears+Lies’ is the standout track on the EP, a pained Thom Yorke-esque wail dripping with emotion combined with a moody synth and bassline, results in a sinister pulse for hypnotising dancefloors. Dark and driving with a steady build up, the dramatic crescendo breaks with a vocal that is almost recognisable. A powerful and angst-fuelled piece of music, designed to whip crowds into a cathartic and hypnotic frenzy. It’s worth noting that exclusive beatless reprises of ‘Tears+Lies’ and ‘Sore Lullaby’ are included on John Digweed’s cinematic “Soundscape” mix on his new ‘Quattro’ release due out 10th April. 

Sore Lullaby’ follows a similar vein with a melancholic delivery from the same vocalist with minor chords a-plenty. Another dark and sombre track packed with feeling, tugging at the heart, whether on the dancefloor or on an emotional listening trip. Guaranteed escapism with a cathartic kind of sadness that feels good for the soul.  

Both ‘Tears+Lies’ and ‘Sore Lullaby’ are accompanied by full dub versions, although the haunting vocal mixes make the EP.

A strong release from Bedrock and a great collaboration from Cypherpunx & Luke Brancaccio. Keep your ears peeled for more Bedrock releases, the label is on top form at the moment.

Score: 9/10

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