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DREF025 Artwork

Label: Dynamic Reflection
Release Date: 


Dutch duo, Abstract Division, have decided to pay homage to the Motor City and what it has given us. More specifically, what it has given them. ‘Metropolis’: One track, three remixes. Lining up for duties are three veterans in the game, the established Oscar Mulero as ‘Trolley Route’, the ever relevant Marcel Fengler and the forward thinking Function. Sourced by Dynamic Reflection, this ode to the revolutionary sound of Detroit has all the promise in the world.

The title track begins with all the elements required to establish at nod towards the American state. Warm analogue sound meandering through an arpeggio sitting atop a strong 909 kick drum and simple but effective drum work evolving along with the main hook. The track only shows its energetic guns whilst reaching the half way mark, when all is let loose. A feel good track which uses its main synth attraction the star of the show. Having no ‘Trolley Route’ releases since 2010, Mulero unearths this guise for an outing. Going against his more traditionally recognised sound, his harsh sounds are turned in for a soft dubbed out pads. Trolley Route’s rendition bears no resemblance to the original and as a result we get a lovely slow dub techno number; with a bite.

Function’s variant on ‘Metropolis’ begins with a no nonsense kick drum. The original hook creeps up and joins the ranks. The use of  minor chord pads in the background really change the original up beat mood into a sombre affair. While the hook still is almost the same, Function’s version seems to turn the song from a track to a journey. The latter part is where all the fun happens, where everything is opened up in all its moody glory. Finally, Fengler turns up to the party with the goods, a clear dance floor monster. Perhaps the most complex of the remixes, with various hazy layers symbiotically intertwine throughout the track while the pads create a nice interlude during.

All four tracks could be individually classed as standout tracks in their own right, but luckily they can be found all on the same EP.



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