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Kiz – Insane EP (Renaissance Records)


It’s not the first time we have written about Kiz here at Datatransmission.co His work, under his closely related moniker Kiz Pattison has been demanding attention with its groove laden, techno thuggery. Loud, proud and carrying a certain swagger, it has the right amounts of danceability, underground credibility and charisma. When you hear a Kiz track, you know it’s a Kiz track and that stamp of authority is hard to come by in the homogonised world of electronic music.

Recent releases such as ‘Simple Vortex’ on bTechNoir, ‘Contact‘ on Beatfreak and his remix of Simon Berry’s ‘Anaconda’ on the legendary Platipus have given him an assured leg up onto the production stage and leap fogged him into the record box of a small army of the new breed of DJ, and established DJ’s alike.

Kiz is the producers producer and that can’t be a bad thing.

The ‘Insane EP’ on Renaissance has stepped him up again on his journey, and rightly so, has been creating quite a stir. There are two original tracks on offer ‘Insane’ and ‘Fiction’, both strong tracks in slightly different flavours; peak-time and early morning time.

The key to Kiz‘s tracks is simplicity, well chosen sounds presented in a clear and effective manner. ‘Insane’ is an excellent example of this, bass driven and drenched in analogue style synths it’s a stand-out-of-the-night track from the off. The one word spoken vocal is brilliantly manipulated throughout the breakdown by pitch-shifting to create a kind of harmony. The tension in the middle part of the track is genuinely intense creating a moment of dance-floor, whooping mayhem when it finally kicks back in.

On the flip ‘Fiction’ is a deeper, head-down, work-the-floor moment. It most certainly is not as immediate as ‘Insane’. That isn’t a criticism, not one bit, ‘Fiction’ is different, not better or worse, just different. It has bass, it has a nonchalant fuck you attitude that doesn’t give a damn if you like it or not. It will still make you dance in a smoke-filled, strobe-lit room at 3 in the morning. This is punk techno; simple, effective, in your face.

There is an album to come, and more releases in the pipeline. If you are not tuned in, turn the dial and select the frequency of Kiz. You won’t be sorry.

Score: 9/10

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