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Renegade Riddims

Renegade Riddims: Ripley


Rooted in jungle, breakcore, dancehall and dub, DJ Ripley weaves together bass sounds from cities all over the world, where immigrants bring their sounds from home and mix them with electronic beats. Her goal: to transform dancefloors into spaces for subversive pleasure, celebrating shared histories and their conscious dialogue, using music to challenge hierarchies: borders, genres, dominant definitions of gender and sexuality: to make systems quake and feel good doing it.

Since 1995, Ripley branched out into cumbia, bhangra, azonto, baile funk, UK garage, soca, afrobeats, dancehall, kuduro, gqom, dembow, and dark bass sounds of breakcore, jungle, juke, booty bass, grime, jersey (and other) dance music. Her eclectic, high-energy sets spring from deep intuition and fearless sonic innovation on-the-fly. She’s opened minds and lit up dancefloors across 25 countries on three continents. Nurtured in Boston’s Toneburst Collective in the 90s, Ripley toured across Europe and North America. In 2006 she co-founded Surya Dub (SF) and in 2011 she joined Dutty Artz (NYC). Continuing her entrepreneurial skills in 2015 she went on to co-found the groundbreaking HEAVY series with fellow DJ, Anna Morgan. More recently, she cofounded SUBVERSION PHL with Philly-based DJs Cristiña and Sideswipe. As a scholar, she’s also written a book on Jamaican Soundsystem culture, copyright law and anticolonial resistance, you can grab that and find more info here.

I’m excited to bring Ripley to our Renegade Riddims series today with a mix that she has labelled as her “Drunkenspooky mix”. It features music from the likes of 4am Kru, DJ Gaw, Coco Bryce, Breaka, Uplift and more!

“It’s a weird one – I have been feeling these kinds of crazy layers of sounds – I think because it feels like everything is happening at once but also falling apart.”


Weird or not, I think it’s wicked! Check out Ripley’s mix below, hold tight cos it’s a wild ride. If you’re feeling it then it’s available as a free download here!


Sum up this mix in 10 words…

Emotional dizzying ominous and heavy, just like the times we’re living

What’s your personal favourite track on it?

Probably a tie between Breaka’s “Leave your Dirt at the door” which has a great banging, jukey feel and a sample with wisdom we can all use.. and 1U Gotta Feel It Part 2 by Gremino because I love a good time stretch

What’s the special ingredient in this mix?

Caffeine, probably!

What have you got coming up?

Well, I wrote a book about Jamaican soundsystem culture and copyright law (it’s called Rude Citizenship) and I hope to do a combination book/dj tour in the spring.

When was the last time you actually raved?

It’s been minute, sadly, but I did have great summer tour and Fusion festival was a highlight

And finally, do you have a special message for our readers?

We have to take care of each other, we’re all we have ❤️


Tierra Whack – CLONES

Bastiengoat – Dazzle

Siu Mata & Amor Satyr – Is This All Real

Velaluna – Pasalo

Taal Mala – Love Lies Bleeding

4am Kru – High Time

Coco Bryce – Jus Another

Breaka – Leave Your Dirt At The Door

E3Breaks – Must Feel

TWOFOLD – Like Clockwork

Croixrouge – Firebomb–Croixrouge

Spandangle Selection – Deep Sensation

Pete Cannon – Rags

Zed Bias – Hipbounce

Hellfish Producer – Witch_Hunt

Combo X – Bua Sound All Day

Babylon Timewarp – Durban Poison (Bladerunner Remix)

Gremino – U Gotta Feel It Part 2

Uplift – Dark Night

DJ Gaw – Nevermind

Chill Qin – Absolute Time (Original Mix)

WTCHCRFT – SHAKE IT (Nikki Nair & apos;s Shook Mix)

Version – Alien Riddim

Tripletrain – Nobody (Miles Dean Remix)

Cloud 9 – U Got Me Burnin’ (Cesrv VIP)

Damscray – Babylon Shall Fall

An-ten-nae, Dov1, DnA (US)- Dreams (Anna Morgan Remix)


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