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Renegade Riddims

Renegade Riddims: MILLZ


MILLZ is an extremely passionate Drum & Bass/Jungle DJ, who has taken the UK by storm over the last couple of years.

With her ever-growing following, she has almost instantly secured bookings at Glastonbury, The Warehouse Project, E1, EGG London, Boxpark, New World Festival as well as other various clubs and festivals, due to her authentic skills behind the decks.

She has grown up around music from a very young age, with her father Nicky Blackmarket – the Drum & Bass and Jungle DJ and Producer and owner of the former record shop BM SOHO (Blackmarket Records) – being her biggest musical influence.

With a hard-working ethic, she is determined to carry this through to the next generation!

MILLZ started out playing on THC Radio and across London’s airwaves, which has jumpstarted her career in the industry.

She secured herself a residency on the foundation station Kool Radio London, with a number of other guest shows and mixes on radio shows including Rough Tempo, Life FM and Unity DAB.

As a DJ, she is able to play cross-over sets with confidence and a great understanding of Drum & Bass and Jungle, whilst also adding some twists of jump up and liquid into her live sets.

With this being said, MILLZ has a very exciting journey ahead of her, bringing new talent and plenty of energy to the decks!

As you may know, DT turned 15 this month and with that in mind we wanted to bring you some of the artists that we personally love to help us celebrate with exclusive mixes. I’ve been watching MILLZ for some time, I am also a massive fan of Nicky so it was bound to happen. I love how MILLZ brings new skool and old skool together in a really cool and clever way that is not only going to educate new fans about the history of Jungle and Drum & Bass but also give classics a refresh for older heads to appreciate and fall in love with all over again.

The mix MILLZ has curated does just that and I’m so excited to share this mix with you all today. It features a couple of edits that she’s done and tracks from Nicky Blackmarket, Top Cat, Dillinja, Warhead, DJ Krust, Dominator, Logan D, Bladerunner, Voltage, DJ Guv, Andy C, Shimon, Georige Riot and loads more.

Check out MILLZ’s mix below and download it for free here!


Sum up this mix in 10 words…

Music = A journey. 

Bringing back old skool with some new skool twists.

What’s your personal favourite track on it?

‘JUNGLIST SOLDIER/ SLICE N DICE – DJ GUV’ – Exclusive remix with vocals from the legend and my icon Stevie Hyper D. This tune hits differently in the dance – Stevie’s voice never fails to light up the rave… It’s an example of the old/new skool combo as mentioned earlier. 

What’s the special ingredient in this mix?

Music runs in the family… I grew up with a huge passion for jungle & dnb, and over the years have created my own style/cup of tea. The brew is a big blend of everything – going from old skool classics, to dnb/jungle/jump-up/rollers … you name it lol! Be original with your blends and selection. Create your own cuppa 🙂

Tell us about your next EP?

I am currently in the works of some collab’s and learning more on the production side of things. You can also check out my 1st release on Jump Up Cave with Konetix… This one’s called – ’Neurotic’!!

What have you got coming up? 

2023 has a lot in store for me, all over the country, and also the annual trip to Kavos for Unity in the Sun. You can catch me playing solo sets, sets with my dad Nicky Blackmarket, boyfriend FLEEKEE and also with my ‘180 Society’ girl group (Charlotte Devaney, Tempa and Maddy V) – Look out for us xoxo

Plus some really exciting track releases! 

When was the last time you actually raved?

I’m out most weekends DJing and supporting other artists, and recently attended Fabio & Grooverider’s Orchestra which was a moving experience – and cannot recommend enough! They take you through the eras and brought dnb to life (the energy in the room was ELECTRIC!!!). Then onto Ministry for a wicked afterparty.

And finally, do you have a special message for our readers?

Do what you love!!! If the passion is there, always keep it up…

I also want to thank all of my supporters <3 


Top Cat – Champion DJ (Voltage Remix ((Millz Dubplate Special)

Voltage & Nicky Blackmarket – Jazz Tickles

Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Walk & Skank

Andy C & Shimon – Recharge (Benny L Remix)

TC – Tap Ho (Formula Remix)

Exile & Nicky Blackmarket – Major Clangers

DJ Guv – Junglist Soldier/Slice N Dice

Duece – Coda VIP

Rasta – Krucial

Dominator, Logan D & Tomoyoshi – Planet Terror

Akas & Spyda – Rise Again

Furniss – Enter

Corrupted Mind – For The Rave

Relapse – Amplify

Prodigy – Out Of Space (Aries, Nicky Blackmarket & DJ Gaw Refix)

TNT – 2 Degrees VVVVIP (Logan D & Dominator Remix)

Sub Killaz – Shockout (Sub Zero & Gino Remix) 

Warhead – Thinkin Bout U (VIP)

Marvellous Cain ‘Hitman’ (Klip, Outlaw & Nicky Blackmarket Remix)

Hyn – The Door

Top Cat – Gallist (Aries & Gray Remix)

DJ Krust – Set Speed (DJ Krust Remix)

Johnny Osbourne – Murderer (Phibes Remix)

Jo – R-Type (Aries & King Yoof – Chopstick Remix)

DMS & Boneman X – Sweet Vibration (DMS & Boneman X Remix)

Krust – Warhead (Rowney Overdub)

Bou Feat Trigga – Veteran (Serum Remix) 

DJ Limited – Smoke ’em Out Vip

G Dub X Amplify Ft Eksman – Lights In The Air

Jfal & Charlie B – Gutter Riddim

Profile X Sub Killaz – Dangerous VIP

Dominator & Nu Elementz – Action

Georgie Riot – Street Fighter II

Infrared – Sugar Rush

Dominator & Logan D – Ready Or Not

Shimon & Andy C – Night Flight (Shimon Remix)

M Beat & General Levy – Incredible (Original Mix Re-Edit)

Serial Killaz & Upgrade – Drop It

DJ Guv – Execution (Profile Remix)

Hyn – Bloodclart 

Profile X Replicant – Ghetto Hot 

Firefox – Buck Rogers (Bladerunner Remix)

Dillinja – Gangsta (Serum Remix)

Magenta & Forest Animal – Wagwan

DJ Fresh – Hypercaine (Decypt Edit)

Ego Trippin – Mono Bleep VIP

Amplify X Profile – Money (Profile Vip Edit)

Atmosphere – Buss It Out

Freeze UK & Nicky Blackmarket – Stamina (Remix)

Dj Millz Jingle By Calital D


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