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Renegade Riddims

Renegade Riddims: Manifest


After attending raves back in the early days such as Lazordrome, Desire and Thunder & Joy, Manifest got hooked on Jungle Music and continued his love affair by listening to Pirate Stations like Kool FM, Flex, Eruption and more. It was only a matter of time until he started buying music from his local record store, to elevate to a local Pirate Radio Station where he became a resident.

A few years passed playing on the local station when his friend asked him if he would like to book a local studio to make their 1st track. They looked in the local phone directory and found “Mix Lab” Studio, which turned out to be Trouble on Vinyl. They booked their 1st session and the engineer at the studio was Maldini (Bad Company). He continued booking studio sessions with the likes of other artists at the studio: Dbridge, Genotype and DJ Red, until Clayton and Mark wavered the regular fee, as they saw that he was keen to learn Music Technology at the studio.

He kept learning his craft at Trouble on Vinyl Studios and took the first track he engineered to his local record shop in Camberwell London. DJ Ruffstuff was working in the store at the time and he had a listen to his track. Ruffstuff liked it and set up a meeting with Karl Collins of Hardleaders. The track ‘Immortal Soul’ became his 1st release, which was on the compilation ‘The Way-Out Chapter’. Manifest continued to release various tracks with Hardleaders with Various 12″s and featuring on 3 of Hardleaders compilations.

Around the same time, Manifest took some more new music to West End Soho to the Moving Shadow office to drop off his demo. ‘The Moving Shadow’.

For many years he was also a studio Engineer at Renegade Hardware/ Tov Studio engineering for artists: Friction, So Solid Crew, DJ Zen and many more artists outside of Drum & Bass, who rented the studio.

He went on to record for Ray Keith‘s label Dread Recordings, with the track ‘Burning Through Me’ featuring Lisa Viva, with the B-side ‘Deception’. Architecture Recordings, Blackmarket Records compilation on Azuli Records, various releases on Renegade Hardware like ‘O.G. Returns’, ‘Raw & Real’ EP, ‘So Sick’ 12″ inch, Offkey Recordings and many more over the years.

Also known for his DJ skills playing at various club nights in the UK and Europe and recording various Mix CD compilations for Future Beats/ Renegade Hardware and his compilation for Knowledge Magazine featuring 2 Shy MC, End of Dayz Podcasts and his infamous Filthcast 008 for the Barcode label.  Remixed artist ‘The Factory’ (Pete Tong of Radio 1 and Paul Harris of Dirty Vegas)’s dance track ‘Couldn’t Love You More’ for the electro house label Toolroom, Christina Milian (Def Jam) and various Drum & Bass acts over the years,

He has also collaborated with fellow Drum & Bass artists like Gremlinz, Genotype, Keaton (Usual Suspects), Loxy, Verb, BTK (Aka Identity), Cold Fusion, 2Shy MC and Meth to name a few.

In recent years he has been concentrating on building his own label Deception Recordings, which has seen releases from other Artists: BTK, Raiden, Meth, 2ShyMC, Cold Fusion, Gremlinz, Verb to name a few, plus the label has also debuted new talents like Demigroove and Shibumi.

The label has seen praises from many top-flight DJs in the scene like Grooverider, Andy C, Dillinja, Doc Scott, Roni Size and Ray Keith to name a few.

Today, Manifest joins us on our Renegade Riddims series! This mix is super tight with really great track selections. Expect to hear tracks from the likes of himself, Noisia, BTK, Trex, Myth, Photek, Total Science & Break, Demigroove, Zero T, Dillinja and more!

Check out Manifest’s mix below and download it for free from here!


Manifest artwork

Sum up this mix in 10 words…

My DJ showcase of music I play in a party atmosphere.

What’s your personal favourite track on it?

“Gun Finger” Total Science & Break.

Such a well-produced track by these legendary producers. I love that switch to the Authentic Reggae they do. Sounds, authentic, like they went to Tuff Gong studio in Jamaica to produce the track at one part. Then they just roll out some of that nice grimey bases. Perfect blend in my eyes.

What’s the special ingredient in this mix?

I’ve been doing podcasts and mixes for many years. I treat a podcast like making a track. It has an Intro & Outro. EQ’ed. Vocal snippets over the mix here n there to give the mix its own signature. The selection of tracks in the mix are tracks that I’m inspired by. I love the production of all the artists on the mix and if working in the lab, the level I’m trying to be production-wise.

And last but not least. just having fun doing the mix.

Tell us about your next EP?

New release out on 04.04.22. On all platforms is Demigroove ‘s Exile with a Shibumi remix.

1st Version of Exile on Deception in 2016, was on the Neurofunk tip which was a popular track.

Shibumi has turned it upside down in 2022 and bought a Minimal, dark roller, which has been getting some great support from drum & bass DJs worldwide.

The second side is by myself called ‘Revolt’, A roller, with various basses rolling through the track. In recent times I’m trying to take a different approach to my production. Not as hard as before. Trying to make my tracks and music come out more “universal”. I think it’s going the right way as Revolt, is an example of where I am trying to take my sound/ production in 2022. Revolt has been getting great responses from DJs, and I would be surprised they liked it. Makes you feel you’re heading in the right direction which is great.

The concept for the name Deception was always about various styles to be released on the same label. Never to be pigeonholed in one style of drum & bass. Just good quality drum & bass music, we hope the public will like.

What have you got coming up?

The next release is a full release from myself. Then we will be releasing the Athenaeum Retro project which is a collection of unreleased tracks from 2003 to 2015. Some of the tracks I made over a decade ago. In the Tech Step era, my music was a bit harder, with more Amens & Tramen Breaks and more Reece basslines. I’ve always had people ask me about the retro tracks and ask if they will ever be released and seems there is a market for people who like early 2000 sound.

Then we have more releases from myself and Collab’s I’ve done with other artists, which are in the works. I really want to increase my output of music this year and for the label, with various artists’ Music. As I would put out track here and there over the years. So more consistent.

When was the last time you actually raved?

2 weeks ago, I went to Soul in Motion and a few weeks ago went to see Goldie and Randall at Village Underground. I like going to events and checking what DJs are playing.

And finally, do you have a special message for our readers?

I hope you get to check out the mix on DT’s Soundcloud and thanks for reading this interview.


Sota – Whiplash | Onyx Recordings

BTK – Cataclysm Feat. Tomas Kerekes (Abstr4ct Remix) | Dutty Audio

Dopplershift, Foreign Beggars and (Wingz Remix featuring PAV4N) | Darkmode

Trex – Too Far (DLR Remix) | Trust Audio

Noisia – Diplodocus (Skeptical Remix) | Vision Recordings

BTK – Outta Jungle (One Mindz Remix) | Dutty Audio

ZeroZero and Teknian – Ruff | Rebel Music

BTK – Chatterbox | Dutty Audio

Myth – Crawl VIP | Trust Audio

Demigroove – Exile (Shibumi Remix) | Deception Recordings

Semiotix – Overhaul (Manifest Remix) | Tytanium Armour Recordings

Molecular, Particle – Switch Hunt | Critical

C.Critz – Signal – DLT9

BTK – Cataclysm Feat. Tomas Kerekes (Abstr4ct Remix) | Duty Audio

ZeroZero, Kolectiv and Mauoq – Problems | Rebel Music

Manifest – Revolt | Deception Recordings

Total Science, Break – Gun Finger | Triii Audio

Zero T – Gimme the Loot | Symmetry Recordings

Manifest – Imagination | Deception Dub

DJ Fresh – Heavyweight (A.M.C Remix) | Breakbeat Kaos

Dillinja – Hard Noize (Break Remix) | Valve Recordings

Manifest – So Sick | Renegade Hardware

BTK – Ruff Amen | Dutty Audio

Dillinja – Growler | Hardleaders

Photek – Something Else | Photek Productions

Ewun – Screw Up (The Upbeats Rmx) | Lifted Music

Manifest – Damage | Deception Dub


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