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Renegade Riddims: LeStR


With releases on esteemed labels such as RAM, Invisible, Grid, PROT3KT and many others, LeStR has proven himself as a force to be reckoned with in the world of Drum & Bass.

LeStR’s musical journey is a captivating exploration of the diverse facets of Drum & Bass. His dedication to pushing the boundaries of the genre is evident in his willingness to experiment with various styles and sonic landscapes. Whether it’s crafting soulful liquid DNB, exploring the depths of neurofunk, or delivering high-energy dancefloor anthems, LeStR’s commitment to sonic excellence shines through in every production.

With a discography that reads like a who’s who of Drum & Bass labels, LeStR’s tracks have consistently garnered acclaim from both fans and fellow artists. His ability to seamlessly blend intricate drum patterns, immersive atmospheres, and basslines that hit with undeniable impact has earned him a dedicated following around the globe.

LeStR’s journey through the DNB world is a testament to his passion for the music and his relentless pursuit of sonic innovation. He is not content to rest on his laurels, always seeking new angles and pushing the envelope of what is possible within the genre. His willingness to embrace different styles and musical endeavors sets him apart as an artist who is unafraid to evolve and adapt.

As LeStR continues his spiny journey through the Drum & Bass landscape, fans can expect nothing less than a sonic adventure that defies expectations and challenges conventions.

With each release, he reaffirms his position as a leading figure in the ever-evolving world of Drum & Bass, and his future promises to be as exciting and groundbreaking as his past.LeStR’s music is a testament to the boundless possibilities of Drum & Bass, and his dedication to the craft ensures that his contribution to the genre will be celebrated for years to come. Get ready to join him on his sonic odyssey through the diverse and dynamic world of Drum & Bass music.

NOw, he joins our Renegade Riddims series with a brand new, exclusive mix featuring tracks from the likes of himself, Break, Clipz, Bungle, HLZ, Hexa, Ivy Lab and more!

Check out the mix below and download it for free here!



LeStR artwork

Sum up this mix in 10 words…

This mix contains my favourites in melancholic and deep DnB.

What’s your personal favourite track on it?

dBridge & Fierce – Daylight

What’s the special ingredient in this mix?

Too many, overall it’s a good representation of what I love in this kinda style of Drum and Bass. Some of my own productions too, reflecting the impact of this deep and melancholic sound on me. And all other tracks in this mix, especially the older ones – they are my all-time favourites!

Tell us about your next EP?

Nothing specific planned, but I have a lot of new music in the making.

What have you got coming up?

Looking forward to presenting some more tracks and releases from me.

When was the last time you actually raved?

Last month, in August. 

And finally, do you have a special message for our readers?

Thanks for your attention, have a nice and productive day!


1) LeStR – From Your Look
2) Foreign Concept – Breaking Again
3) Break – Enigma (Calibre Remix)
4) Sl8r & Motiv – Mind’s Eye
5) Clipz – Shorty
6) Motiv – Polkadot
7) LeStR & Kutuzov – Neva Felt
8) Tyrone – Misconceptions
9) Bungle – Forward
10) Reso – Tiberium
11) LeStR & Drum Force 1 – Zealotry
12) Tokyo Prose – All You Want
13) Drum Force 1 – Test Drive
14) Metal Work – Every Night
15) LeStR – Feel Like I Feel
16) Hyroglifics – Astraya
17) LeStR – Slow N Deep
18) Halogenix – Soulide
19) Alix Perez, Rockwell & Spectrasoul – Montpellier
20) LeStR – Seductive Ride
21) Friction & K Tee – Overtime (Spectrasoul Remix)
22) Random Movement – Can’t Resist
23) HLZ – Things Are Not The Same
24) LeStR – Inarm
25) Hexa – Desert Springs
26) LeStR – Ardour
27) SL – Tropical (Napes Remix)
28) Tatora – Retrospective Clarity
29) LeStR – Maybe All Night
30) Ivy Lab – Baby Grey
31) dBridge & Fierce – Daylight
32) LeStR – Some Conversations


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