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Renegade Riddims

Renegade Riddims: Lee UHF


Based out of Birmingham UK, Lee UHF has had a DJ career spanning over 2 decades, from humble beginnings growing up in Sheffield. From here, he first got a pair of Sound lab turntables from a friend in 1997 at the young age of 15, where he honed his craft playing UK Hardcore, Hard Trance and Gabber, until finally getting his first rave/club booking in 1998 at the now legendary Uprising. Hardcore brought Lee into the limelight with huge gigs across the globe and nationally from some of the biggest events such as Future Dance, HTID, Vibealite and North.

The event Total Bedlam run by Lee UHF and Mc Keyes was nominated as the best monthly event by Mixmag in 2004 and his labels Bedlam Records and Electronic Bedlam was one of the most popular harder hardcore labels for years.

Lee produced multiple tracks featuring not only on his own label but also Japan’s Maddest Chickendom, Nukleuz, Relentless Vinyl, Evolution, Nukleuz and Electronica Exposed. Tracks also featured on huge compilations such as Bonkers, Ministry Of Sound, Hardcore Heaven, Electroplates, Nukleuz and Hardcore Underground.

A change of direction in 2008 saw Lee jump into the Drum & Bass scene and establish himself worldwide for many years to come. Here he started up the event RAW in 2008 focusing on DNB, Bass and Garage music which is still running to this day.

In 2011 Lee started a live show including a Beatboxer, Drummer, MCs and DJ called Dirtbox Live which toured the globe to the USA, Australia, Asia and most of Europe. In 2018 Dirtbox Recordings was started as an outlet for Lee’s own productions and a filter for new artists in Drum & Bass worldwide.

Releases are going strong and have received huge support from some of the most prominent artists out there such as Noisia, Neonlight, Cause 4 Concern, Jade, Mefjus, Andy C, Chase & Status, Rene Lavice and many more.

In 2019 Lee started a label for similar reasons R U SRS? (pronounced “Are you serious”) focusing more on the sounds of UK Garage, Bass house and 140bpm and below music. This label has had multiple features and support from the likes of Kiss Fm, Rinse FM, Radio 1, and DJs Shosh, DJ EZ, Wideboys, Bobby Noodlez, Joe Hunt and more.

Finally in 2021, Lee joined forces with long-time friend DJ Traced to come up with a brand new Neurofunk only D&B label VTO Records. This has created a huge buzz so early on with releases by Binary, Traced, Kaizen Flow, Cyntax, Transforma and Resurgence to name a few.

With 4 USA tours, 1 Australian tour, and multiple European tours every year Lee UHF has become a permanent fixture in D&B and Bass music after doing one of the hardest things an established DJ/Producer can do and that is to leave a scene you are established in and move to another starting from scratch.

To this day he is going from strength to strength with his touring, labels and events and vows to bring much more to the table in the future!

Today Lee UHF joins our Renegade Riddims series with an absolutely wicked Neurofunk mix featuring nothing but unreleased music.

Check out the mix below. As there’s so much unreleased music this one is NOT a free download. VTO Records’ various artist compilation ‘Chapter 1’ is out now, grab it from here! Traced, Xtronx & Just Breathe – The Traced Remixes drops via Dirtbox Recordings on Friday 24th March grab that from here!


Lee UHF artwork

Sum up this mix in 10 words…

Unreleased, Unbelieveable, Filthy Neurofunk from VTO Records and Dirtbox Recordings

What’s your personal favourite track on it?

Quite a few I’m not allowed to ID now but one that I can I would say “Varkid- Bring The Fire (Beskar Remix)”

What’s the special ingredient in this mix?

Looking over VTO Records that I co-run and own with the producer `Traced` and my own label `Dirtbox Recordings I wanted to give a little taster of what 2023 has to offer. I could have easily made this track 3hrs long with Neurofunk from those labels but I also added in some naughty Unreleased and forthcoming tracks from some of my friends too.

Tell us about your next EP?

Both the VTO and Dirtbox labels have regular releases, Dirtbox has its 36th release scheduled on 24th March- Called “The Traced Remixes EP”  but personally Im working on a release this year that will feature 5 collaborations with other producers.

What have you got coming up? 

Lots happening this year. VTO Records has some huge surprise EPs planned. Dirtbox Recordings will be releasing every 3 weeks for the rest of the year and has 2 huge compilations planned within that. where as myself I am planning a few label tours for both where we are already talking to take the labels back to the USA again

When was the last time you actually raved?

It’s hard to find time to get out to raves unless I’m Djing at them at the moment. I was going to head to Let It Roll London for a little social but iy son was born just recently. So It was mid-December at RAW Birmingham last time I was out as I was playing there.

And finally, do you have a special message for our readers?

Yes we are regularly posting awesome content on our platforms to promote our releases including Podcasts, Interviews and free music. Just go follow the pages on social media – @DirtboxRecordings and @vtorecords and @leeuhf 


1/ Traced- Time Is Now (Xtronx Remix) [Out Now Dirtbox Recordings]
2/ ID-ID [Forthcoming Dirtbox Recordings]
3/ Bad Ace- Reign [Out Now VTO Records]
4/ Beskar- Whilhelm Scream [Forthcoming Dirtbox Recordings]
5/ Volatile Cyle, Konquest & Dropset- Drowning [Forthcoming Eatbrain]
6/ ID- ID [Dub]
7/ Transforma & Dropset- Trigger Warning [Forthcoming Neuroheadz]
8/ ID- ID [Forthcoming Dirtbox Recordings]
-Redmond, Concussion & Mc GQ- Ramped Up [Forthcoming Beast Music]
9/ ID- ID [Forthcoming Dirtbox Recordings]
10/ Dropset- Imminent Attack [Out Now Dirtbox Recordings]
11/ ID- ID [Forthcoming VTO Records]
12/ Lee UHF & Rogue- Symbiote [Out Now Dirtbox Recordings]
13/ ID- ID [Forthcoming Dirtbox Recordings]
14/ The Fi5th- Jump Funk [Out Now VTO Records]
15/ Traced- The Beast VIP [Forthcoming VTO Records]
16/ Profuze- Hit em [Forthcoming Ignescent]
17/ Jade- Spy Car (ALSO Remix) [Forthcoming Eatbrain]
18/ ID- ID [Forthcoming Dirtbox Recordings]
19/ ID- ID [Dub]
20/ ID- ID [Dub]
21/ ID- ID [Forthcoming Dirtbox Recordings]
22/ Kaizen Flow- TLM [Out Now VTO Records]
23/ ID- ID [Forthcoming Dirtbox Recordings]
24/ Stonx- Wikkid World [Forthcoming Neuroheadz]
25/ Dropset- Dark Tower (ID Remix) [Forthcoming Dirtbox Recordings]
26/ Screamarts & Burr Oak- On The Other Side [Forthcoming Eatbrain]
27/ Screamarts- Feral [Forthcoming Eatbrain]
28/ Resurgence- Runaround (ID Remix) [ Forthcoming Dirtbox Recordings]
29/ ID- ID [Forthcoming Dirtbox Recordings]
30/ ID- ID [Forthcoming VTO Records]
31/ Resurgence & Oden- Chicago Style (ID Remix) [Forthcoming Dirtbox Recordings]
32/ ID- ID [Forthcoming Dirtbox Recordings]
33/ Varkid- Bring The Fire (ID Remix) [Forthcoming Dirtbox Recordings]
34/ ID- ID [Forthcoming VTO Records]
35/ ID- ID [Forthcoming Dirtbox Recordings]
36/ ID- ID [Dub]
37/ Slaine- Dogtooth (ID Remix) [Forthcoming Dirtbox Recordings]
38/ ID- ID [VTO Records]
39/ MV- No Money [Dub]
40/ Lee UHF & Rogue- The Music (Traced Remix) [Out Now Dirtbox Recordings]