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Renegade Riddims

Renegade Riddims: Klippee


Named by Mixmag as an artist bringing new energy to the North American Drum & Bass scene, Seattle-based Klippee is certainly one to watch. His versatile, yet forward-thinking production process yields tracks that truly stand out from the norm. His extensive release discography with powerhouse labels such as Critical Music, Shogun Audio, Lifestyle Music, and more is a testament to his uncompromising will to create.

This exceptionally-talented musician has garnered international support from critically-acclaimed producers and pioneers such as Noisia, Kasra, Skeptical, Serum, and many more within the contemporary realms of Drum & Bass music. His diverse production style has also gained the support of dubstep and bass artists such as Truth, Khiva, and Sicaria Sound.

With a vast resume of international performances, his dynamic future-focused drive carries him further and further along his path. Sharing stages with acts like Calyx & Teebee, The Prototypes, and Ternion Sound has proven his ability to captivate a crowd. The disruptively successful launch of the Seattle-based innovator has caught the eye of both veteran and new Drum & Bass fans around the world. The next chapter of his career will be the most exciting to date.

Klippee recently joined the crew at VALE for their latest offering. The release of its counterpart emjulate’s ‘Pestilence’ project, demonstrates the imprint’s commitment to sonic diversity. This has always been an approach which the label has adopted, following a string of dispatches which have included singular packages and compilations signposting to a range of genres and styles throughout. This hasn’t gone unnoticed by tastemakers, with support including BBC Radio 1 and René LaVice. Never constraining themselves to one genre, the North American moniker continues to innovate and this time they enlist several of VALE’s guest artists to have their take on emjulate’s most recent release.

From breakout names such as latesleeper, to names like underground stalwart Tom Finster, they’ve placed themselves as a landing pad for many producers across the spectrum of high-energy sound design. For the final part of 2022, they’ve enlisted artists to give emjulate’s ‘Pestilence’ the remix treatment. Uprising is first up to the plate, drawing a more skipping, percussive groove through ‘Tinker’. Meanwhile, Netherlands-based Subp Yao, known through their work on YUKU, reveals a crisp delivery of ‘Petbot’. D:enigma adds a striking urgency through their 4/4 rendition of title-track ‘Pestilence’. Then the last to have their signature over the Slovenia maestro’s work is Klippee, who punches their own thumping bass melody into ‘Micro Waves’ and features previous accolades on GuidanceCritical and Shogun. You’re once again taken through the motions by VALE’s extensive roster, which stretches into every sphere within the more unforgiving sections of dance music.

We are down to our last week in the office for 2022, but we’re not putting on the brakes just yet! Klippee joins our Renegade Riddims series with a great mix featuring music from the likes of himself,

Check it out below and download it for free from here!


Sum up this mix in 10 words…

Some new stuff, some weird stuff… stompy techy Drum & Bass.

What is your personal favourite track on it?

That new one from Halogenix and The Upbeats is crazy. Earache is a tune that will be in my sets for a long time.

What’s the special ingredient in this mix?

Not 100% sure. Probably the Rainier beer. Jokes aside, I just picked the tunes that I am feeling at the moment. Had a little fun at the end there with some 4/4 and an ambient
mashup I made a few years back. Used to play it out when I opened clubs because it was usually just me and the bartenders. The calm before the storm haha.

Tell us about your next release.

My next release just kinda happened actually. That emjulate – Micro Waves remix towards the end of my mix is out now on VALE. Had a lot of fun making that one. My next next release I can’t talk about quite yet, but it’s also in here.

What have you got coming up?

I’ve been working on an EP for almost 2 years now. Really excited for that to finally come to fruition. I’ve also got an EP with the Combine boys coming out sometime in the future. And a 140 EP? I guess next year I should have a bunch of releases!

When was the last time you actually raved?

A few weeks ago I went out to see Mythm and The Widdler in Seattle. The Shook crew brought in a massive PK rig, and it was the best sound I have heard in Seattle in a long time. Got pretty wavey that night, but it was worth it haha. Looking forward to next summer, as I hope to hit Bass Coast and a few other festivals close to my heart.

Do you have a special message for our readers?

Good sound systems are important. Always advocate for big rigs that sound good. It is how this music is supposed to be heard, and it makes the experience 100 times better.


Theoretical – Mad Carpenter
Klippee – ID
Molecular – Reset
OCC – Mass Effect
Submotive – Slippin
DLR – 1 2 3 4
The Sauce, Jakes – 3 Dots
Thematic – Eagle Bomber
Particle – That Hz
Klippee – Too Tight
Submotive – Bangla Vampires
Amoss, Objective – Valley Stepping
Rouman – Mechanism
Portrait – The Purplest Cat
Klippee, Combine – ID
Trigger, Bou – Veteran (Alix Perez Remix)
Klippee – ID
Amoss – WHSniff
Dunk – Bad Trip
Klippee – ID
BassBrothers – Tuff Tuna
Cesco, Envy – Esoteric
TEEJ – Section 17 VIP
Klippee – Reset
Halogenix, The Upbeats – Earache
Emjulate – Micro Waves (Klippee Remix)
Annix – Depth Charge
Icicle – Dominate
Jensen Interceptor, DJ Fuck Off – Boy U Nasty
Visions x Smoke Signals (Klippee’s Playing To The Bartenders Mashup)


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