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Renegade Riddims: KarmasynK


KarmasynK is the alias of Los Angeles-based electronic music producer Ruturaj Wankhede. A veteran sound designer with over a decade of experience crafting music in a range of genres while also working in the film and television industry. Ruturaj specializes in full-spectrum Drum & Bass music and has released on myriad labels while performing extensively in clubs and at festivals across North America, Asia, and Europe.

With numerous EPs and singles to his name, including releases on Cause4Concern UK, Play Me Records, Formation, Delta9, Muti Music, CODE Recordings, and most recently, on Foreign BeggarsDarkMode, KarmasynK has infiltrated underground scenes both domestic and abroad and established himself as a DnB powerhouse with incredible versatility, from soulful liquid journeys to Neurofunk stompers and everything in between. Receiving support from some of the top DnB producers of the world, including Noisia, Kasra, Maztek, Phace, Black Sun Empire, Ant TC1, Kyrist, Sustance, Ill Truth, GRIDLOK, and countless more, his tracks have reverberated through revered clubs and events around the globe and become a stable of modern Drum & Bass performances while finding a place on Beatport’s top DnB charts time and time again. His music has been showcased by global platforms and outlets that include BBC Radio 1, Bassrush, District Bass, YourEDM, Faze Mag, and Studio Drum and Bass.

On the performance side, KarymasynK’s distinct approach to Drum & Bass production has landed him at some of the premiere electronic festivals of the world, including Croatia’s lauded Mo:Dem Festival, Californian’s longstanding Lucidity Gathering, and India’s massive multi-genre festival, NH7 Weekender. Influenced by legendary producers such as Tipper, Noisia, Break, and Infected Mushroom, KarmasynK draws upon immaculate sound design to tickle the senses in a manner that transcends the limitations of musical genres yet which carries an undeniably cinematic and at times psychedelic component, making him a champion of the musical journey.

Apart from his music project, Ruturaj is a Music Technologist who graduated with a Masters in Sound Design for Visual Media from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and a BFA in Music Technology from the California Institute of the Arts in Los Angeles, where he worked with creating tools for the integration of audio and video elements for creative applications. In 2015, his first audio/visual project, “KarmaBounce,” was selected for display at the world-renowned CalArts Digital Arts Expo. The following year, his audio/visual installation piece “Psymatika”— based on the idea of Cymatics and the exploration of how sound waves physically affect the environment — was also displayed. Ruturaj continues his exploration of the merger between audio and visual art as a post-production sound designer, having worked for Warner Bros as well as for independent studios across the West coast. His unique audio productions have found their way into big-budget films and TV shows through the years and those with a keen ear and a penchant for film will undoubtedly hear something familiar in KarmasynK’s unique and emotive track introductions.

We’ve been avid supporters of KarmasynK for a while now and so it seems the right time to invite him to our Renegade Riddims series. This mix takes you on a rollercoaster ride through a number of sub-genres and has been expertly crafted with seamless mixing and solid track selections. It contains music from the man himself (including a load of dubs) and also artists such as Molecular, Nymfo, Matec, Des McMahon, Subdue, missledz, The Sauce, Dopplershift & Among Us and The Caracal Project to name a few.

Check out the mix below and download it for free from here!


Sum up this mix in 10 words…

Just like my music, contains a bit of everything.

What’s your personal favourite track on it?

Lots of personal favourites but they are all dubs so nothing much to say there. But my remix for Des McMahon’s ‘Corridor’ is really cool if I say so myself. I love how introspective this track is, and pretty minimal but also has some emotional content that comes in nicely amongst the torrid landscapes presented. The second drop is pretty sick too and really twisted as the bass line starts doing a minor second movement that makes the ground really unstable, that coupled with the high lead is very very psychedelic. Hoping some people have some real intense moments in a rave setting when playing out this one.

What’s the special ingredient in this mix?

An ancient blend of spices, a recipe for which is traditionally handed down generation by generation, only acquired through rigorous practice and tough proving ritual.

Tell us about your next EP?

My next full-length EP is going to be with Delta9 for Summer 2023. Three tracks, including a special collab with Ozoh.

What have you got coming up?

In the meantime, as I mentioned the ‘Corridor’ remix will be soon out on Play Me. Then we have a kickass VA album ‘Radiation Radio vol.2’ from none other than South Africa-based Rubricate Records. It features some fantastic upcoming talents from SA as well as other parts of the world. Some names you probably have heard before,
while some you will hear more of I bet.

When was the last time you actually raved?

Our Momentive label launch party. Oh my gosh, the party was so sick. We had an amazing sound system, and in general, for the first time it felt very homegrown, but the quality of the music was top-notch. Truly amazing!

And finally, do you have a special message for our readers?

We (Momentive) are hosting the don Monty in a really freaking awesome warehouse on Jan 21st 2023 in downtown Los Angeles. We are also gonna have the Hennessey Sound System from the last party. I am on support along with some amazing artists from the crew. We are on our way to being sold out, and well, frankly if you know how these parties go down, you know. Otherwise, come find out…


KarmasynK – ???

Mindmapper and Silvahfonk – Flash Forward (Phentix Remix)

Ressnek – Swoop

KarmasynK – Here to Stay

KarmasynK – ???

KarmasynK and Ozoh – A Moment of Reflection

Tryst Temps – Dysthymie

KarmasynK – ???

KarmasynK – ???

Dizrupt – Instant

Molecular – Jockey Disco

KarmasynK – ???

KarmasynK – ???

XHL – Infinite Impulse

KarmasynK – ???

Nymfo – Murphy’s Law

Stokka – Jetpack

??? – ???

KarmasynK – Noir

KarmasynK – Need it

Matec – What you Got

KarmasynK – ???

KarmasynK – ???

KarmasynK – Digging Under (Enta Remix)

Nais – Lets Rock

Skylark – Neons

KarmasynK – ???

Des Mcmahon – Corridor (KarmasynK Remix) [Forthcoming Play Me]

KarmasynK – ???

Subdue – Lesion

Ezor – Drunken Swamp

The Sauce – Stir it Up

KarmasynK – Mixed Feelings

Dopplershift & Among Us – Funk Material (Theoretical Remix)

Volatile Cycle – Arpoon

The Caracal Project – Watercats

KarmasynK – ???

??? – ???

Missledz – Contrivance

KarmasynK – ???

??? – ???

KarmasynK – ???

KarmasynK – Electric Blue

Envy – All about you

KarmasynK – Revive


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