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Renegade Riddims

Renegade Riddims: Catnap


Materializing with a presence none can match, Catnap has chiselled a unique and distinctive path through the LA Underground music scene. She champions all forms of dark electronic music, from industrial to left-field bass and Drum & Bass. Along with possessing a keen ear for the best ear-grabbing hooks out there, she has cultivated a captivating aesthetic that instantly leaves a lasting imprint in your mind. Catnap has been involved with such diverse collectives as Yeska Beatz and Drumslinga, and having played for the likes of Respect, ILoveLA, BBB, as well as opening for Planet V, there is no doubt this as an artist who subverts every expectation.

Weaving disparate sounds together into a surprisingly cohesive whole is a core feature of her sound. Intense whirlwinds of sound created from blending smooth vibes with techy fury, hypnotic soundscapes resulting from the fusion of growling basslines and addictive melodies, and haunting rhythms that pull at the deepest reaches of the soul. All of this exemplifies the passion for the unknown this artist carries in every thread of her work. Every Catnap set is a journey deep into such territory, creating an infectious air of suspension and excitement that permeates the ears to its core.

Catnap has been a massive supporter of our uploads on Soundcloud. She constantly shares the music we select to premiere and the mixes we upload. So much so that when I don’t see her name pop up on the comments I wonder if she’s ok! We spoke on Soundcloud a bit as I wanted to thank her for all her support over the last few years and asked if she was a DJ herself, to which she said yes so I invited her to curate her own mix for our Renegade Riddims series. Thankfully, she agreed and that brings us to today!

Catnap has recorded a great mix for us which includes music from the likes of Sweetpea, Sam Binga, Flava D, Teej, Theoretical, Bredren, Yaano, Die Antwoord, Icicle and many more!

Check out Catnap’s mix below and download it for free from here!

Catnap artwork


Sum up this mix in 10 words…

A compilation of my faves from the last few years

What’s your personal favourite track on it?

Ooof…I mean they’ve pretty much all been a favorite at some point!  The one I listen to the most at the moment is probably ‘Red Lipstick’ by Koherent with the iconic Collette Warren and those killer vocals.

What’s the special ingredient in this mix?

The secret sauce huh? lol…Each mix has its own flow, as does this one. what’s particularly special about this mix to me is that I get to showcase tracks I feel deserve a lot of love and rinsin’ out.   I’ve listened to data transmission almost religiously for some time now.  They and the artists featured by them have introduced me to so much music I love. It’s a very rewarding feeling to be able to do the same now for others listening.

Tell us about your next EP?

I do not consider myself a producer quite yet, however, I am working on my first releaser set to premiere this year!

What have you got coming up?

In 2023, I’m focusing on honing my crafts. I’ll be playing more sets outside of dnb, starting with the Black Cherry goth night in DTLA, hosted by one of my fave visual artists in LA, Nitecrawlher! I play dungeon parties every now and then so am looking forward to playing more dark synth, and industrial sounds. I am also stoked to be playing more bass and other genres like phonk, lofi, etc. that I have a lot of love for. Most currently, I am stoked to be playing this month for Underland Radio’s first IRL event. Next month, I have a DJ mixtape being released with the Yeska Beatz label, as part of a series of collectable cassettes! Mostly this next year, as I mentioned, is the year I focus on my first-ever production project, ‘Cryptid’. I’m starting off with dnb, yet I know there are many spectrums in music I aim to explore.

When was the last time you actually raved?

Maybe a week ago? I am thankful to live by Hollywood close enough to attend Respect Thursdays most weeks!

And finally, do you have a special message for our readers?

This mix is a labor of love, a result of fkn around and finding out. it is very representative of what goes on in my brain while listening to music and mixing it. I hope ya’ll enjoy listening to this set as much as I enjoyed creating it. Lastly, many thanks to data transmission!


Sili – Gallop

Dopplershift – Sometimes

Sweetpea -Munka

Foreign Concept – Mob Justice (DLR Remix)

Agro – Noise Complaint

KHAY – Slumber

Koherent & Collette Warren – Red Liptsick

Yatuza – Forbidden

Gear – Sleight of Hand (Wingz Remix)

Nodsy – Evolution

Waypoint – Breathless

Flava D – What You Mean 2 Me

Koherent – Stab Trilogy

Sam Binga – Stand Tall

Icicle – Dominate

Yaano – Like This

Teej – Nice Up The Dance

DREADNAUGHT – London Sound

Melysma – Knowledge

Sampa – Energy (Royalston Remix)

Pseudonym – Scatter

Constrict – No Channel For Sound

Bredren ft. MC Fokus – Foundations

Connor Q – Silent Pass

Gyrofield – Tech Flex VIP

Die Antwoord – I Fink You Freeky (Wingz edit)

Yaano – Lust

Foreign Concept – Snaresbrook

Logan x Hamdi – Bun Dem Down (Jenks edit)

Subtle Element – Crinkled

CLB ft. Madrush MC – Drop Dis

Cesco & Molecular – Punch Smoke

Theoretical – Slice

C:Critz – Villainy

Octavate – Jengu

Workforce – Really Obnoxious Rich Kids