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Renegade Riddims

Renegade Riddims: AXIAL


Cardiff-based Drum & Bass DJ and producer AXIAL puts forward a varied selection of technical tracks and blends, representing the forward-thinking label In The Lab Recordings. Bouncing on to the scene in 2019 and securing her first set in 2022 supporting Critical Impact, AXIAL has since been developing her sound. Her deep, dark and techy style with neuro influences is clear to see from her mixing. She aspires to take listeners on an atmospheric journey with tracks that make a big impact and push boundaries. AXIAL has been and is still very mich inspired by the likes of Archaea, Secula, gyrofield, Annix and more.

2023 is looking like it’s going to be a big and bright year for AXIAL, as she kicks off the year with a slot at Critical Sound’s event in District Cardiff, followed by Default Noise’s remix of her track ‘In Mind’ seeing a release with In The Lab Recordings.

Today as part of our Renegade Riddims series and to coincide with tomorrow’s International Women’s Day we welcome AXIAL to the fold with a brand new mix. HJer new ix features music from In The Lab Recordings back catalogue and more. Expect to hear music from the likes of DRZ, Simula, SLWDWN, Redpill, Notequal, Annix, Wallhack, Gexan, Skantia and loads more!

Check out her mix below and download it for free here!


AXIAL Artwork

Sum up this mix in 10 words…

A carefully curated fusion of forward-thinking drum and bass.

What’s your personal favourite track on it?

At the moment, ‘Move Your Feet’ by Notequal has to be up there. It’s such a heavy track and works well as a blend with a lot of tunes. I love every release they put out – they’re definitely one of my inspirations for what I want to make in the future.

What’s the special ingredient in this mix?

I think the special ingredient in this mix is the fact that it is true to me. Every track resonates with me personally and that’s why I’ve chosen them. I love when I find a track that builds atmosphere, has hard-hitting drums and the perfect amount of melody (which is sometimes none!) that leaves an imprint, and this is the feeling I want to get across in this mix – when you just think, ‘Yes.’

Tell us about your next EP?

I haven’t got a planned EP with anyone at the moment, but I have been working on a few tracks that are all different. I think my journey this year involves looking towards getting my first tracks released and improving my production skills, because I’m still learning right now and I have a long way to go!

What have you got coming up?

This year my track ‘In Mind’ is being remixed by Default Noise for In The Lab Recordings! I’m hugely looking forward to this seeing a release, he is such a great producer and it’s an honour to have him work on my track!

When was the last time you actually raved?

Saturday 18th Feb for the Critical Sound event in Cardiff, although I was supporting Incurzion in room two so there were a bit of nerves initially!

And finally, do you have a special message for our readers?

Just that I hope everyone feels the love I have for these tracks in this mix! I spent a lot of time putting this together and I’m glad I’ve been given the opportunity to push it on the Data Transmission DnB page! Thanks all 🙂


1. DRZ – I Used To

2. DRZ – Inconclusive

3. Temple, DRZ – In The Dark

4. DRZ, Teezy – Lights Out

5. Para, DRZ – Sleep Walk

6. Simula – Attack Mode

7. Tryst Temps – Dust

8. Secula, Maysev – Singularity

9. SLWDWN – Echoes

10. Chiyu – Riot Fields

11. SLWDWN – Dark Matter

12. Nebulate, YAANO – Nazca

13. Default Noise – Levigate

14. SLWDWN, DMR – Pretend

15. Meph, Gexan – Hope

16. Default Noise, Madrush MC – Shots

17. Urph – Traverse

18. Redpill (Jahe Remix)- Dreams & Circuits

19. Notequal – Move Your Feet

20. Annix – Depth Charge

21. Wallhack – Soke

22. Mefjus, Kasra – Decypher (Latesleeper Remix)

23. Gexan – Prepare To Die

24. Gexan – Prepare To Die (Vici Remix)

25. Moytra – If You Will Remember

26. Healian – The Void

27. Archaea, Temple – ID

28. Gexan, Notequal – Condemned

29. Moytra, Sign – Just Forget Everything

30. The Outsiders – In Need

31. Emperor – She Said (Fade Black remix)

32. Pristage – Gear

33. Archaea – Source Code (Xaetis Remix)

34. Secula – Nameless

35. Skantia – Chatterbox

36. Tryst Temps – Zeitgeist

37. A.way – Critical Tempo (Sign Remix)

38. Noise Parfumerie – Sacrifice

39. Gexan – Immortals

40. Circuits – Euphoria Part 1 (gyrofield Remix)

41. Skantia – Twenty 6ix

42. Redpill – All I Do Is

43. Disprove – Am I

44. [BORDERS]- In A Dream

45. The Upbeats, Syrene Favore – Watch Me

46. Temam, MVRK – Arcane (Sign Remix)

47. NOISIA, Camo & Krooked – Nova (Sign Remix)

48. A.way – Pandora’s Box

49. Bucky – Eternal Flame (Vici Remix)