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Renegade Riddims

Renegade Riddims: 3ID


3ID is a 28-year-old, upcoming DJ and Producer from South West, UK. He is currently living in Bristol and pursuing a full-time music career after a long break from music during some very tough times in his life.

He recently set up his own label, Illicit Music and has rebranded from Construct to 3ID, but is still aiming to bring that gritty, hard underground sound and everything in between in a reformed manner.

3ID recently signed a debut Hip-Hop EP on Sony Music and has also gone on to release many Drum & Bass tracks on his own independent label. In the future, he hopes to sign other producers’ content to his imprint and aims to continually push the boundaries with his sound. Being an already proficient 4 deck Drum & Bass DJ, he’s excited to think about what the next decade may hold for him, providing he plays his cards right. For 3ID, music is the only thing keeping him on the right path, it has been the cornerstone of his life ever since he discovered illegal raves at a very young age, and is inspired by the culture and movement, 10 years later he has achieved an awful lot…against all odds.

He owes a great deal of thanks to the BBC for a huge confidence boost, following numerous plays of his self-made music. 3ID spent the last 2 years in hospital, following the death of a friend and numerous suicides in his childhood friends. He feels the time is now to push his sound further…watch this space!

I’m incredibly pleased to be able to bring 3ID to our Renegade Riddims series and I sincerely hope this mix helps him reach more of his goals. The mix features music from the likes of Calyx, Hadley, DJ Rap, Noisia, The Upbeats, Buunshin, Skantia, Black Barrel, Jam Thieves, DJ Hybrid, Gyrda and loads more!

Check it out below and download it for free here!


Sum up this mix in 10 words…

Dark, Dangerous, Heavy and Brutal… This set was great fun to mix!

What’s your personal favourite track on it?

Hard question to answer as there’s such a wide spectrum of tunes in it, have to say ‘Buunshin – I’m Okay’ gets me hyped when I mix that though!

What’s the special ingredient in this mix?

Focussed on the selection mainly, compatible rhythms and scales… Obviously mixing is key too, but those are my main strategies for creating a mix.

Tell us about your next EP?

I have some stuff on Beat Port (3ID) at the moment on my label @illicitmusiclabel… But really truthfully speaking I haven’t thought that far ahead yet, very tired as I work on music daily and right now I have had little inspiration. Did manage to make a cheeky Free 2 tracker on soundcloud titled ‘Rave tune’. The B-side features my friend Kailas (SP:K) from Bath, UK who was the mc and had some input on the tunes composition and style. Made those 2 in like 24 hours roughly. So from now, 10/3/23 I’m going to have a blast at making an EP to release alongside this mix for you guys to check.

Game on!

What have you got coming up?

Residency with Toxic Sickness Radio, hoping to set up my night club event with ‘The Scotland Yard Sound System’ real soon and push on with playing live shows, radio features and so forth. Hoping to do a bit of travelling soon too! Full Moon parties are calling me 😛

When was the last time you actually raved?

I’ve been raving since young, I think the first free party I attended was a Subliminal Audio & GYRO sound system party at the age of 16 roughly ( I’m now 27 haha), I will always remain true to my roots in bringing that underground raw sound to my style. But as far as the last rave goes, I think it was now a few years back @The Black Swan for Bris Tek’s nye party, where I got messed up completely lol.

And finally, do you have a special message for our readers?

Yeah, so expect to be hearing more from me as I’m hoping to obtain some good bookings and get some live shows under my belt in the near future. I have been away from this scene for a while suffering bereavements (RIP to those who I lost, love you always) but I’m coming back stronger than ever and the progress is insane to think about it.


1. Droeloe & IMANU – Catalyst
2. Halogenix,Sparkz – Sekkle In
3. Octane, DLR & Script – Set Up The Set (DLR’s ‘Clash’ VIP)
4. Crossy – Dutty Wine (3ID remix)
5. Alix Perez, DLR – Snake Style
6. K Motionz  – Flex
7. SD – 1997 (Dispatched VIP)
8. Particle – Business Techno (Inside Info Remix)
9. Calyx – Tempest
10. Hadley – Dangerous
11. Skantia – Nonplus
12. The Outsiders – Puzzle
13. DLR, EBK, Gusto – The Author VIP
14. Jam Thieves-  Temple Meads
15. Particle – Fall 2 Fast (Skeptical Remix)
16. Noisia – Voodoo (Waeys Remix)
17. Zombie Cats – Dreams
18. Sonny Jim ft. Buckwild – YOLA (Molecular Remix)
19. Rizzle – Sense (Gest Remix)
20. Atlantic Connection – Situations (DLR Remix)
21. Revan, MC Fokus – The Illustrator
22. Azrah – Sines (Ill Truth Remix)
23. Rizzle, Operate, PAV4N – Pleiadians
24. The Upbeats – Octo
25. Black Barrel – Play
26. Mefjus, Camo & Crooked – Kallisto
27. Bop, Subwave – Rave I Didn’t Know Was The Last (Enei Remix)
28. Buunshin – I’m Okay
29. Skantia – Jubilant
30. Ill Truth – Close To The Edge
31. Gyrda ft. IHR – Wipe (Skantia Remix)
32. Krakota, Submotive – Poisoned
33. DJ Hybrid – RAVE! (Bennie Remix)
34. DJ Rap – You Don’t Know Me
35. The Outsiders – Adore
36. The Outsiders – Spectra
38. Kursiva – I Don’t Care
39. Phase, Foreign Concept, Magugu – Shut It Up
40. Jam Thieves – In My Soul
41. DLR – When I’m Trippin’
42. Fox, Revan – In The Cool
43. MONSS – Flute (Alcemist Edit)
44. Noisia – Crank (Kasra Remix)
45. Chase & Status ft. Burro Banton – Delete
46. Noisia – Inesscant (IMANU Remix)
47. Halogenix – Independent (Skeptical Remix)
48. Noisia – Program (Skeptical Remix)
49. La Meduza, Bredren – Acqua
50. Ill Truth – Dada (Iris Remix)
51. Swift, Fre4knc – Warning
52. Particle – That HZ
53. Break, DLR – City Slickers
54. Charli Brix, QZB – Take It All (Halogenix Remix)
55. Grey Code – Simple Things (Waeys Remix)
56. Jam Thieves – Shook One
57. Trigga, Bou – Veteran (Alix Perez Remix)
58. Trex X Bar Theory – Style And Substance
59. Kyrist – Underfall
60. Klinical – Forbidden
61. T>I X Critical Impact X Jakes – Sniper
62. missledz, Iris – Little To The Left
63. Zero T, Steo – Can’t Hide (Visages Remix)
64. Rider Shafique, DJ Hybrid – Better Days
65. Molecular – Surrounded
66. Charli Brix, Klax – Become (QZB Remix)
67. Bou – All U Gotta Do
68. Emperor – She Said (Fade Black Remix)
69. Dose – Don’t Wanna Wake Up
70. Inja, T>I – Flick The Switch (Waeys Remix)
71. Wingz – Strained
72. Sam Harris – Coffee Machine
73. 3ID – Check Mate
74. Serum – Shredder
75. Black Barrel – Russian Roller
76. The Upbeats – All Over You
77. Natty D, 3ID – Top Chemistry
78. 3ID – On a Roll


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