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Our new ‘Renegade Riddims’ mix series launches with KSO


10 years ago we launched our first & original Podcast series, which is now into 600+ episodes.  A few years ago we brought you our Spotlight series which is a series to help new & upcoming artists a platform to step up.

Today, we bring you a brand new series! Our Renegade Riddims series launches to support Drum & Bass, Jungle, Bass artists – bringing you large and brand new artists from all those genres that we are loving!

So first up, we welcome a man that’s been in the game for 12 years. Kissy Sell Out storms back into the centre of the fray, this time under the name KSO, with his sixth studio album and arguably his best work to date.

His new album “Style From The Westside” is 13 expertly engineered tracks that each pack an incredible sub-bass punch through the typically complex arrangements for which the producer originally made his name. With such an established reputation for spotting talent far and wide through his radio shows and record label releases, the list of collaborators on this KSO debut L.P. read like a who’s who of power-players in the bass scene – each bringing their own signature style to blend with the album’s conceptual flavours, proving the boy hasn’t lost his touch.

Check out the album here and listen to our brand new mix series below!

01. KSO ‘The Crow: Rain Forever Intro’ Exclusive
02. DJ Fresh ‘Love & War’ KSO Re-Master
03. TC ‘Haterz’ KSO Acapella Re-Edit
04. Itmek ‘Moonstomp’
05. Roni Size ‘Snapshot’ KSO 2018 Version
06. Original Sin ‘Therapy’
07. Deekline ‘Coach House’
08. KSO & Jaikea ‘Gangster’ Evil Streets V.I.P. Remix
09. Hazard ‘Busted’
10. D-Minus ‘Devastating’
11. Subsonic ‘Bingo’
12. Somore ‘I Refuse’ KSO D&B Bootleg
13. Harry Shotta & Macky Gee ‘Do What Ya Like’
14. Upgrade ‘Popular’
15. Adam F & Redman ‘Smash Sumthin’ Roni Size Remix
16. Modified Motion ‘What’s The Mean’ KSO Re-Edit
17. Shaun Dean ‘D Double’ KSO V.I.P. Remix
18. Joker Records ‘Ain’t No Way’ KSO Re-Master
19. K Motionz ‘Round Ere’
20. Lyfie & Krusty ‘Social Media Experiment’
21. Roni Size & DJ Krust ‘Whistleblower’ KSO Re-Master
22. KSO, Darkzy & Dread MC ‘Killin’ It’ Acapella
23. DLR ‘When I’m Trippin’
24. KSO ‘Get To The Chopper’ Exclusive
25. Amerie ‘One Thing’ Acapella
26. Digital ‘Deadline’ S.P.Y. Remix
27. Matrix & Futurebound ‘Knite Riderz (ft. Spyda)’ KSO Re-Master
28. Bassface Sascha & Feindsoul ‘All You Need To Know’
29. Dominator ‘Business Man VIP’
30. Krusty ‘Girls & Money’
31. Mr Quiet & Sym-on ‘I’ll Rip Your Face Off’
32. KSO ‘Untitled D&B Jam’ Exclusive
33. Inside Job ‘Metamorphosis (ft. Miss Trouble)’ KSO Re-Edit
34. Aries ‘Dubplate Style’
35. DJ Fresh ‘Floodlight’
36. Bad Company ‘Planet Dust’
37. Dillinja ‘All Aboard’
38. Hypoxia ‘Badass’ KSO Re-Edit
39. Chase & Status ‘Take Me Away’
40. Macky Gee ‘Selfish (ft. Stuart Rowe)’
41. Filthy Habits ‘Artificial Intelligence V.I.P.’
42. Kanine & Slipz ‘Keyboard Warrior V.I.P.’
43. Zinc ‘Reach Out’ 2002 Remix
44. Mulder ‘Don’t Give A Damn’
45. Subsonic ‘Do Your Thing’
46. Dominator ‘Frequency V.I.P.’
47. Friction & Nu Balance ‘Robocop’ KSO Re-Edit
48. Original Sin ‘D For Danger’
49. Turno, Upgrade & Logan D ‘Make It Clap’
50. High Contrast ‘If We Ever’ Unglued Remix
51. Mob Tactics ‘Dot Matrix’
52. Bou ‘Poison’
53. Roni Size ‘Playtime’ KSO Re-Master
54. Deekline & Specimen A ‘The Dust Off’
55. K Motionz ‘Silver Bullet’
56. Ed Rush & Optical ‘Alien Girl’ KSO Re-Master
57. Dominator ‘I Like V.I.P.’
58. Trinity ‘Dune’ KSO Re-Master
59. KSO ‘The Crow: Pain & Retribution Outro’ Exclusive
60. KSO & Eddie Craig ‘Dub For Ya Speaker (ft. Dread MC & Tengu)’ Virtue Remix
61. The Streets ‘It’s Too Late’ High Contrast Remix
62. SKC & Safair ‘Free My Soul’ KSO Re-Edit


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