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Renegade Masters

Renegade Masters: Benny V


Born and bred in London and trained at one of the top London Stage Schools, DJ and Producer Benny V has been working professionally in Television, Radio and Music since childhood. His 2 record labels; Dance Concept and the multi-award-winning Souped Up Records, which he runs alongside Serum, have taken the Drum & Bass scene by storm, pushing forward some of the biggest anthems while rubbing shoulders with many dance industry titans.

Dance Concept has been running since 1999 promoting parties all over the UK as well as releasing music on all formats on the record label. Souped Up has been absolutely smashing out releases for the last 5 years and have become one of the most significant and respected labels in Drum & Bass over that time.

Benny V’s eclectic music writing and production have seen releases on various labels such as Dance Concept, Souped Up, Jungle Cakes, Patrol The Skies, Breakin Science and Trust Audio. On top of this, he has his own regular radio show that has allowed him to showcase his music and that of many other artists.

I’ve been working with Benny for the last few years and have become friends (although we’ve yet to meet!) so it gives me immense pleasure to welcome him to our Renegade Masters series with an absolutely WICKED mix that will have you jumping around wherever you choose to listen to it! The mix features music from himself, Serum, Original Sin, Change of Pace, DLR, TC, Skuff and more!

Check out Benny V’s mix below and download it for free here!


Sum up this mix in 10 words…

Variety is the spice of life. So is my mix!

What’s your personal favourite track on it?

Ah come on. How is that a fair question? ha! ‘Funky’ has been doing the rounds in the raves as well on social media. ‘Lumberjack’ STILL goes off and is a real identity track for Souped Up. But my new one with DJ Uniques, ‘Dark Knight’ is quirky and different but whenever I play it in the clubs/raves it just goes off!

What’s the special ingredient in this mix?

The special ingredient is just spontaneous love. I love what I do and I literally cover so many different subgenres. From big-hitting drops to cool little funky bassline riffs. I then move into Jump Up, head over to some cool rollers and finish with some more melodic stuff. I literally love all styles of DnB and I think this mix reflects that.

Tell us about your next EP?

It looks like it will be the Dark Knight EP from DJ Uniques and I. I feature a few tracks from the EP on the mix but there is also a little remix package of some tracks I did with Subcriminal. Plus releases on Jungle Cakes, Suburban Base & 31 Records

What have you got coming up?

The first Souped Up party is at the end of the month in Reading. Tonnes of boat parties, a gig in Essex and some Dance Concept parties in the pipeline

When was the last time you actually raved?

Tuesday! ha Not even lying (Editor – can vouch I’ve seen his Instagram!). I am East London through and through and Uncle Dugs put on a little intimate midweek night over near Shoreditch so MC Shaydee and I went down for a drink and boogie

And finally, do you have a special message for our readers?

Just wanted to big everyone up for all the support for Souped Up, Dance Concept and my radio show on East London Radio. I have been working with some great artists on both labels too and it is great to expand the family to include not only talented artists but some really cool people too.


Benny V & Exile – Planetary Drive By

Serum – Shredder

Dr Meaker & Carasel – Tear Down Stages

Change of Pace – Baked Beans

Benny V & DJ Uniques – Eternal

Benny V & DJ Uniques – Dark Knight

Serum – Ride The DX

Benny V & Exile – Funky

Dutta & Bone Slim – Tokyo Drift (Serum Remix)

Benny V & DJ Uniques – Play A Game

Benny V & Subcriminal – Inexsis (Exile Remix)

Benny V & Exile – Enceladus

DLR – Sound Different To You

Dutta – French Martini

Dutta x Serum – Just A Fool

Original Sin – Donkey Dust (Let’s Go)

Benny V & Subcriminal – The Ending (Original Sin Remix)

TC – Tap Ho (Formula Remix)

TC – Trigger Finger (Yussi VIP)

Coda – Instabad

K Jah – Let’s Rock

Skuff – Dub Nation

Skuff – Cranky

Potential Bad Boy ft Yush – You’re Mine (Benny V VIP)

Serum – Lumberjack

Benny V & Dfrnt Lvls ft Entice MC – Tattoo Sleeve

Benny V & K-Warren ft Thomas Jules – Means Nothing

Benny V & Exile ft Entice MC – ID


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