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This will be Probtech Radio, a monthly show dedicated to the artists who are a part of Probtech Management,

This is a global collective of 20 artists from Ibiza, Germany, UK, North America, Argentina, New Zealand and Egypt, we will also have guest mixes from artists who have or are releasing music with us at Pro B Tech Music and or BTechNoir Records.

This show is a showcase opportunity for all genres covering Progressive House, Melodic Techno, Techno, House and Balearic, and the newest upfront underground music,

Born and raised in Scotland, Brent Lawson brings a lifetime of passion to bare on his successful brand – Pro B Tech. From late nights clubbing at the Rhumba Club to DJing with the dance music elite, every aspect of Brent’s musical life has been a long time coming.
Setting his dreams aside to raise his family has given him a steely determination and razor sharp focus, and now he is the proud owner of an artist management company, two record labels and a burgeoning production career. The future is bright for this passionate Scot.

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