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Alchemy with Jimi Falconer & Craig Pailing

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Thu 03.12 1:00 pm 3:00 pm

Broadcasting From Birmingham

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Plethora Muzik residents Jimi Falconer & Craig Pailing present the Alchemy radio show exclusively compiled for Data Transmission Radio, showcasing exclusive unreleased and upfront high quality Progressive House, Deep Progressive House & Techno releases of the current month.


Jimi Falconer – DJ/Producer from Birmingham, UK & Label Owner and Manager of Plethora Muzik, Digital Deep Progressive House and Tech imprint.

2018 was a successful year as a DJ & producer with a series of collaborations, exclusives and high profile events which enabled Jimi to develop his artist profile, releasing an EP on Mystic Carousel Records with the DJ/Producer ‘Shemsu’.

Bookings during 2018 in Bristol, Essex, Manchester and Ibiza, saw Jimi feature alongside some industry heavyweights including Guy Mantzur & Jody Wisternoff, whilst also promoting his own ‘Alchemy’ event in Birmingham.

Associations during the past year with established UK brands such as Basement 77 (Birmingham), The Prog Lab (Bristol) and #UpCloseAndPersonalMcr (Manchester) coupled with two sell-out shows during the summer & winter for circle. Ibiza at OD Ocean Drive (Ibiza) & The Dark Horse (Birmingham) on Boxing Day, this has seen Jimi take the opportunity to become a UK based resident for the Ibiza brand in 2019.

Jimi currently hosts two monthly shows on DNA Radio (Argentina), the first of which ‘Alchemy’, is compiled & mixed by Jimi, and the second ‘Plethora Muzik Radio Show’, showcases guest DJ’s & Producers from around the globe.

The start of 2019 has seen Jimi undertaking further collaborations with #UpCloseAndPersonalMcr & the curation of a new radio show for his digital label imprint with the acclaimed brand ‘Data Transmission’.

Building on last year’s achievements, 2019 is projected to be another successful year.


Craig Pailing – DJ from Birmingham, UK & Co-Label Manager of Plethora Muzik, Digital Deep Progressive House and Tech imprint.

After 25 years Craig is still hunting down the best music in the industry and, the music he sources has progressed from the early days of piano house and trance, now into a deeper progressive house and techno sound.

March 2018 saw Craig take on the responsibility as joint promoter for the ‘Alchemy’ event in Birmingham – an album launch event of the Blue Amazon & Zak Gee ‘Interpretations Album’ in association with (Se-Lek Musik) Plethora Muzik (Birmingham) at the renowned Tunnel Club (Birmingham).

Further associations during the past year include established UK brands such as Basement 77 (Birmingham) which saw Craig billed alongside influential local artists, as well as featuring on guest mixes for the label, on the Plethora Muzik Radio Show – DNA Radio (Argentina) & many more.

The start of 2019 has seen Craig requested to undertake further collaborations with circle. Ibiza in Birmingham & as a resident DJ for the digital label imprint Craig will be featuring monthly on the radio show with the acclaimed brand ‘Data Transmission’.

A set from Craig today includes Deep Melodic Progressive House with deep base undertones.

Being a perfectionist he aims to seamlessly transport the crowd from one track to the next. As a fan of the music as well as a being a DJ, Craig understands the crowd in front of him and aims to not only take the crowd on a journey but to join them.

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