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tech laden beats

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Your monthly fix of of tech laden beats from New Violence Records.

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Born in 2014, New Violence Records is growing into one of the most dependable labels around. Providing a home for both new and more established talents, the label continues to find it’s way into the sets and charts of some of the world’s finest DJ’s. With previous releases from the likes of Nikola Gala, Pirupa ONNO, Clio, Luca Morris, Ki Creighton, Ben Grunnell, M.In, SEFF, Echonomist, Sierra Sam, Gavin Herlihy & Collective Machine showing the label’s commitment to blurring the gaps between genres, the future will bring exciting new talents such as Alex Lario, Caleb Calloway, Andrea Ljekaj, Who Else, Luca M and many more. New Violence is showing that it is a label to be reckoned with.

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