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Electronic motion celebrating underground house music.


“MYDIR is Matthew Davies a DJ and producer from Manchester, UK. 

MYDIR is resident DJ and promoter for – Up Close and Personal MCR, a ‘Boiler Room’ style event that has been running solidly for the past 5 years. MYDIR offers his unique twist on the deeper side of house with melodic breakdowns and controlled, well thought out track selection. 

MYDIR has a long-running podcast – ‘Electronic Motion’ – on Data Transmission Radio as well as an established promoter for the ‘Capadi Rebels’ brand in Ibiza. 

As well as an accomplished and dedicated DJ, MYDIR has taken some time out to graduate from the industry-leading School of Electronic Music, Manchester. After countless studio hours his first EP is due for release in the Spring of 2019. To further enhance his career MYDIR was accepted into the Get Booked Academy and is personally mentored than none other than the ‘Housemaster’ himself Roger Sanchez.

MYDIR has taken things slowly to ensure that he can deliver the best to both himself and also any crowd that stands before him. With his imminent EP release, and unique skill set in the booth it won’t be long before MYDIR is reaching the accolades his hard work deserves…….MYDIR…. you heard the name here first. “

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