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Karistocat curates Pulse, a monthly, one hour journey of forward-thinking underground electronica, centred around leftfield drum & bass, techno and acid.

Born and bred Londoner, DJ and producer Karis (AKA Karistocat/KRSTCT) has been spinning on London’s DJ circuit since 2011.

Inspired by her surroundings growing up in inner city London to musician parents, her sets are a kinetic combination of dark and pulsing drum & bass, with elements of early jungle, UK garage, and hardcore.

Karis has a distinct style of bringing an alternative flair to her DJ sets, informed by her beginnings as an alternative DJ, she tries to bridge the gap between two musical worlds and shows there doesn’t need to be a divide.

Karis is a Drum & Bass DJ with an alternative sensibility and punk outlook.

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