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Ladies and gentlemen “Place Your Beats” for the mix series from Joseph Abruzzi, 4th Friday of every month.

From House to Techno…just Place Your Beats!


Joseph Abruzzi, born in Napoli; Italian parents, newyorker origins – ‘maestro’ for his experience as a young teacher at school – he begun loving music when he was a child while listening to Tchaikovsky, Bach, Mozart and other classical authors and playing the piano.

The solfeggio, studied from the age of 6, anticipated Joseph’s vocation for the rhythm of House music. At 17 he was already working in clubs and taking part in the Neapolitan nightlife by opening the events of such DJs from Angels of love, Claudio Coccoluto and Claudio Di Rocco.

He moved to the Lake Como in 2004 where he devoted himself to Chill House music. Later he moved to Florence. Yet, he never lost his passion for House music and for his idols from Us. Returned to the motherland with a wide-ranging background, he continued his career as a DJ taking part to the main house events in Sorrento/Amalfi Coast and finally opened to music production, devoting himself to diverse and eclectic music productions.

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