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A monthly showcase, hosted by James K, with regular guests, playing the freshest music on the scene to warm up for the weekend, whilst exposing the best promos of upcoming music on the circuit

With appearances in the United States, Ibiza, Cyprus and all over the UK, including; Ministry of Sound, EggLDN, Fire and Lightbox key clubs for the House Music scene. The journey has been a long one for James K, heres how it started from the beginning…

Music started at a young age for J. Classically trained on the Violin and Piano, he was enrolled onto a Music Scholarship at a London School for bright sparks, who would shine onto the Royal Academy of Music and other similar prestigious institutions.
He was enrolled into the Choir and Orchestra and had his first experience of working within the Music Industry, with work singing and playing, at the Royal Albert Hall and Abbey-Road recording studios.

An interest in underground dance music formed, it all started first of all, with Garage and Drum and Bass music at the age of 14, starting on a Pirate Radio Station ‘IceCold FM’ at 15 years old.
He gained experience a few years later playing at establishments like Mass Club and Bug Bar in Brixton, also spreading North and playing at Stylus club and Majestic for ‘Innovation’ thrown in amongst the top players in the game, line ups you would only dream of!
Promoting small nights in West London became common practice, with himself on the line up naturally.

Music at a slower tempo was always in the background however and J’s interest broadened onto a range of different genres and House Music, specifically the ‘chunkier’ Tech House.
Surrounded by people like DJ Double O, Lee Marks, Dan Genal and Ed Case, this was only natural.

J always enjoys playing on radio, as he says it gives him the opportunity to play music that people wouldn’t normally expect him to, or that he wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to play in the clubs.
However, he still communicates the ‘chunky’ style he has a reputation for, over the air effortlessly.

He has released this year with massive House collective ‘State Unknown’ (Concrete Digital, Favouritism Recordings and featuring music on a Simma Black Records compilation) consisting of Dan Genal and Ed Case.
Currently working on a bootleg series with them ‘You Dont Love Me’, a remix of the original classic by Dawn Penn.
This has been played all over the UK, Europe, Ibiza and even reached the shores of the USA receiving massive feedback from some huge Artists. That was the first of three which have all been completed and ready for release!

Also now working from home and in a Central London recording studio, collaborating with; Producer and DJ
‘One Six’ (Cr2, Stealth Records and featuring music on a Toolroom Records Ibiza compilation), formerly part of massive Electro House Music collective ‘Stupid Fresh’.

Exciting times and 2018 only looking to get better!

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