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Each month Detention features the finest in deep, dubby, underground house music.  Taking in all things that have groove, from deep house to minimal and everything in between.  Perfect for late nights or early mornings Dominic Aquila’a selections are definitely one for the headz out there.

Dominic Aquila comes with a wealth of experience, having started working in the seminal record shop City Sounds in the late 90s. Originally playing the first wave of tech house now playing music that sits somewhere between house and techno. Always deep, dubby and with a groove. Always music that builds and creates atmosphere. His influences are still heavily based on the early tech house scene that emerged in London at the turn of the century, think Siesta, Wiggle, Tango, Eukahouse, Greyhound etc. but with a nod towards the plethora of modern electronic music genres.

Dominic’s last 6 EPs have all reached the top 10 in the Minimal releases on Beatport and have had lots of positive feedback from many top DJs.

He is the current resident at DetentionLDN a night in London where the focus is on underground music for underground people.

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