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Afternoon Detention

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Broadcasting from New York City, USA

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What is Afternoon Detention all about?

Afternoon Detention is a 2 hour DJ set style radio show. The show is recorded in his home studio located in Rochester,NY USA. He’s starting a 13 week series of Episode’s and they will all be different from each other, every Wednesday at 8PM EST.

Detention Efficit has carefully gone through his curated collection of House Music of all kinds such as Tech House or Future House to name a few. He’s known to splash in some other Genre’s like Breaks, or Techno…Anything goes in His Detention

Now let me introduce Detention Efficit. He is a House DJ/Producer from Rochester, NY. DJ'ing has always been in the forefront of his life since 2003; But it was his love for great music that led him to producing. He made a bunch of unreleased tracks from 2010-present. He has been waiting for that perfect moment to unleash a barrage of thumping beats and sick bass-lines. His DJ sets are a collection of perfectly selected tracks that will take you on a spiritual journey of highs and lows. Sprinkled with subliminal messages of unconditional love and happiness, his music will set you free!


Diving a bit deeper:

Detention likes to DJ on Pioneer CDJ 900’s and a DJM 900 Nexus mixer.  He started DJin on 2 Technic 1200’s and Vestax mixer, that was bought used from a local music shop in 03’. 

After Vinyl came the digital age.  There was a lot of getting used to digital style DJing.    

Learning quickly that Mac’s are easier to use than PC’s for anything Music. 

Then came Traktor!  He learned djing on controllers on a Native Instruments S4 Mk1 and then the S8.

What does he do when he’s not Producing or DJing?

Detention loves to take his dogs for walks anywhere in nature.  Watch Historical documentaries and anything on National Geographic.  Lacrosse is a big favorite as well as Football.

Loves to explore the essence of a well home cooked meals!

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