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Welcome to this series of monthly episodes brought to you by Euphonik

Euphonik prides itself on scouring hidden depths in search of rising artists & talents. Every month, a new 60-minute session is uniquely put together by “Euphonik Guest”, and packed with new unreleased tracks that are eagerly anticipated by many. Each episode vows to take the listeners on a seamless melodic journey, so buckle up and enjoy the ride!


AMRU keeps the fire alive through an untamable dedication to his very own ‘Euphonik Podcast’ series hosting a multitude of show stopping artists.

The burning passion for music left AMRU with Electronic and Techno beats pulsating through his veins since he was young and soon had him performing at major nightclubs across the Middle East.

In parallel, AMRU’s astounding sets have raised the roof with his cutting edge shows as an ongoing Resident with Data Transmission, show no signs of him slowing down.

AMRU’s sets are nothing short of a captivating Melodic journey.

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