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Originally from the Midlands, Mark has spent his adult life living and working across the world, finally settling in Hastings, attracted by the vibrant music scene and the quirkiness of the seaside town. Mark has worked hard to establish his brand in the area, picking up residencies across the town and quickly becoming one of the most in demand local DJs.


Influenced in the early days by the morose and atmospheric sounds of the Cure and New Order and other gothic rock bands of the late 80’s early 90’s, Mark fell into the London clubland scene and culture later in the 1990’s and discovered an enduring love for Ibiza and the Balearic beauty of the island.

As Altitude360 DJ, Mark brings together a unique versatility of chilled, ambient house to deep techno and melodic underground. From chilled afternoon sets as epitomised by the successful A360 Sunset Sessions through to the underground dance scene Mark’s individual blend of music creates the perfect atmosphere.

Years of sound and visual production experience have given Mark the stand out technical skills that combined with a true passion for music regardless of genre, create memorable sets time after time.

2019 for Mark finished with a number of gigs in Ibiza, being signed to an International DJ Platform and being selected to be one of the Future Sounds DJ’s for the Source Bar. 2020 will see the release of some of the tracks currently in production and developing the Sensisity brand along with more gigs nationally and internationally.
Don’t just believe the hype, come and live it.

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