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Monthly Mix with Adrianna


Adrianna developed a love for music and the arts as a little girl. She was heavily interested in experimenting with violin, saxophone, flute and choir so music became very natural to her life.

Adrianna describes her sound as electronic Tech House music fused with vocals that creates a big room sound and feeling. The variation in her Producing and DJ’ing is a direct reflection of her diverse background and musical experiences.

Adrianna currently lives in the UK but is no stranger to performing internationally at Clubs such as Origin in Montreal, Red Bull events in Vancouver and Coco Bongo in Punta Cana and Cancun.

In 2019 she opened for Lisa Lashes at Fixate House and Techno in Wales. She played many other public/private and radio sets including the Dance Music Radio Station, DISTRICT events, Eden, Hush, Enigma and Ibiza Rocks Bar.

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