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Welcome to a monthly dose of true underground. We’re definitely entrenched in the heavier, more ravey end of the Techno spectrum here, but dashes out into left of arc are not an uncommon occurrence. All we are saying is Adam owns a white label Psytrance edit of Dire Straits Money for Nothing.

Adam Acid takes the controls for the first hour with a mix true to his unique sound. New, old, known, unknown music? Who knows? Who cares? An hour of solid, sweat generating underground is all we promise you.

For the second hour, it’s over to a guest selector. Each month a carefully selected guest, who’s doing exciting things within the underground Techno scene is welcomed into our embrace on the show.

Come and join us each month for a trip into the multiplicity of underground Techno music.


Adam Acid is a name you may not have heard before, but it’s one you’re certainly going to be hearing more and more.

Firstly, let’s clear something up, Adam Acid is not a stage name, it’s his real name. Clearly, it was written in the stars for Adam to become a Techno DJ and Producer.

Indeed, music has always formed a cornerstone of his existence, with the discovery of electronic and dance music happening during his formative teenage years which provided the soundtrack for his ascent into adulthood. Firmly securing his impassioned love affair with electronic music.

With the stage set as such, it was only a matter of time before he made the transition from music lover to performer. Quickly becoming a confident and exciting DJ, he secured his debut performance playing for Edge Events, at London’s Club Aquarium, securing high praise for this performance from all parties, with a standing invite to return to play at Edge’s new home in Ministry of Sound.

Adam has recently been refocussing on time in the studio building up his production skills and defining his unique sound within the spheres of Techno music. Expect to see the first releases from these efforts in early 2019.

As well as this current focus on production, he has also founded Alterity, an exciting new Techno movement based within Nottingham, England. Adam hosts the Alterity Radio Podcast series and has welcomed many exciting international guest DJs on already, with plans for ever bigger guests currently in progress. Alterity also has plans to host a club night within the city in the near future.

As is patently obvious, Adam Acid is moving with fervour across various projects and quickly establishing himself as a name you will find uttered from the lips of the most discerning Techno fan.

You will see a lot more in the future from this incandescent new artist, of that be sure.

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