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OneFold Independent Show Hosted by Jay Enna – 010

Jay Enna


1st Hour

Tempo Elektrik – Without You (Original Mix) [OneFold Records]

Tempo Elektrik – Without You (Scott Diaz Dub) [OneFold Records]

DJ SKT – Must Be A Reason [Defected]

Chris Brogan – Power (Original Mix) [OneFold Records]

Son of 8 – Lights Down Low (Original Mix) [Freakin 909]

Maff Boothroyd & Deep Matter Feat. Lauren Mason – Taboo (VIP Mix) [OneFold Records]

Son of 8 Feat. Lisa Williams – A Better Place (SO8 Club Mix) [OneFold Records]

Joaquin Koen – House & Love (Original Mix) [OneFold DGTL]

House Of Virus & Lovance – Freak (Vibe Killers Remix) [Freakin 909]

Jack Rafter – All Of Me (Original Mix) [OneFold DGTL]

Dharkfunkh & Vanilla Ace – New School Vintage (Atove Remix) [Daylight Robbery Records]

2nd Hour

Antony Dyer – One Bag of Problem (Original Mix) [Stashed Records]

Joaquin Koen – Right Now (Original Mix) [OneFold DGTL]

Matteo Rosolare – Back In Town (Original Mix) [Daylight Robbery Records]

Mindek – Genesis (Original Mix) [OneFold DGTL]

Ryan Shepherd – She Freaks (Original Mix) [OneFold DGTL]

Roog & Leon Benesty – Beats Get Loud (Original Mix) [Freakin 909]

Ryan Shepherd – I’ll Bass You [OneFold DGTL]

Son of 8 – The Power (Original Mix) [Freakin 909]

Matt Mclarrie – Mayantopia (ALBT Remix) [OneFold DGTL]

Motion Sky – Posiedon (Original Mix) [OneFold DGTL]

Luke Hassan – Who Got Yo Back (Original Mix) [OneFold DGTL