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Remedy State Launches at IMS Ibiza

Written by on May 19, 2018

A wellness platform advocating self-care within the Arts & Entertainment industry through mindfulness, exercise, physical therapy, medicine and nutrition


Long nights, odd hours and over-indulgence combined with relentless travel, social pressure and sustained solitude take a toll on our health that we can no longer afford to ignore.

Remedy State aims to address these health risks so that we can continue doing what we love. Inspired by ayurveda and Integrated Medicine and founded on the principles of mindfulness, exercise, sleep regulation, physical therapy, nutritional guidance and medical evaluation, our program helps those in the Arts & Entertainment community to:

®️ Alleviate stress and anxiety

®️ Increase mental clarity and focus

®️ Improve overall physical health

®️ Understand nutritional best practices

®️ Maintain emotional wellbeing

Founders: Remedy State was created by Ben Turner and Blaise James DeAngelo out of a mutual love for electronic music and a continual desire to preserve the positive spirit that was the foundation of the scene. Remedy State is designed to help reset after late nights, international travel, stress, anxiety, etc

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