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Interview with Black Legend

Written by on March 14, 2018

Purple Tea Records catch up with this months guest mixer Black Legend…

– When & how did you start in the music world?

I believe I was about 12 or 13 when a Saturday night of a very hot summer I couldn’t sleep because of the heat (nobody had AC at home back then), so I plugged the headphones in my cheap 80s tower style stereo set and I’ve started tuning in random FM radio stations. After a while I got hooked up to a station that was broadcasting live from a famous super club in Naples. I was addicted to what I was listening that I’d lose the sense of time to a point where I remember my mother slapping my head from behind and sending me to bed, it was something like 4am. I then started sneaking out of bed every Saturday night to secretly go record the live club broadcasts on cassettes. The bad (or maybe the good) came when I was given a double cassette decks boombox, as soon as I found out a way to mess up all that disco music I had on cassettes it was the beginning of it.

– How does it feel to have a world chart topping song on Defected?

Like everything else in life, when you achieve a goal that you’ve been chasing for a long time, investing a huge amount of energy for, it feels extremely good. Even if, after a pretty long career that started in 89/90 with the release of my first record, bigger things have happened. I strangely still get easily excited about things, and I believe that’s a sign I still have a lot to give out.

– What is you best show to date?

Best show? No doubt my first time in the main room of Pacha in Ibiza. I am sure for all the DJs of my generation, but also for a good part of the newer generations ones, Pacha in Ibiza was and is a kind of “Disco Mecca”, the “wet dream” of every young and upcoming DJ. I remember drinking 8 very strong gin tonics in less than 1 hour while trying to calm down my nerves waiting to go on and play and when I started playing I wasn’t only still sober, but also in a state of muscular paralysis that slowed down every movement even if I think my heart was beating at 200 bpm, that until the 3rd or 4th record after that it all turned into one of the most exciting feelings in my life.

– What is your next release going to be and where?

There are a few ones ready to be released, the first is a remix I did for the new single of my friend Vincenzo Callea, it’s called “My Faults” and will be out by the end of March on Time Records, I’ve just today, received the first feedback insights of the promo campaign and I must say I was positively shocked! Next will be my new single featuring the stunning vocals of Shyam P, out April 2nd on Simma Black. To finish off, a new 4 hands work with Vincenzo Callea again on Pinkstar Records right after IMS in Ibiza.

– What does the house scene look like in Italy?

I believe nowadays the house scene is a bit misunderstood at a worldwide level. I mean in Italy, like everywhere else, they’ve started calling House a new wave of happy/party dance music which in my opinion lacks of the true spirit of House music. I feel there is more left of that spirit

in the recent tech house and techno wave rather than in what, firstly Beatport, started calling house. So to answer the question, if we are talking about the true house music, and by that I don’t mean the nostalgia funky or soulful stuff, it stays were it must be, it stays underground, and I like that.

– What are your next goals in 2018/2019 as a DJ/Producer?

Very simply, goals will stay the same as they have been for the last 30 years, make music, play music, do what I like, get excited.

– What other genre of music help influence your productions?

I listen and get inspired by everything that has Afro-Americain influences, it doesn’t strictly need to be Afro Americain music, but if I can feel that little funk or blues fundaments than it’s mine, jazz, R&B, a bit of afro/latin it’s all good, all the rest I stupidly make fun of it calling it modern Celtic music.

– What does a typical day for you, Black Legend, look like ?

I am a family kind of guy, weekdays the alarm goes on at 6:30am, son at school, wife at work, me at work. I try to keep music as regular daytime job, I enter the studio by 9am, lunch break and then try to escape it in the late afternoon even if I just keep trying but I hardly succeed. When gigging around it all changes, having a 5 year old boy to take care of is a beautiful thing but can also be a nightmare when you are back home and all you really need is some rest.

– How did you come up with Black Legend a name ?

It’s notorious that “You See The Trouble With Me” was firstly released as a vinyl bootleg made sampling a live concert of Barry White. When about to release the official cleared version on Rise records, we’ve decided to use the Black Legend pseudonym as a sign of respect for the real black legend Barry White was. As easy as that.

– What bugs you in the electronic dance music scene?

The electronic dance music scene keyword is “too many”, too many DJs, too many producers, too many releases, too many genres, too many charts, too many selfies, too many labels, too many likes, too many… we are too many!

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