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Yana Paisley Interview

Written by on February 6, 2018

Ahead of her guest mix for Purple Tea Infusion show we caught up with Yana Paisley…

What are your origins in the dance music culture?

My origins of dance music – early electronica, techno, breakbeat, drum’n’bass, Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, Ibiza Crew.

How has the music scene evolved in Ibiza?

The music scene in Ibiza became more powerful, more organised, it is wonderful to watch this metamorphosis.

How does it feel to have a track considered as one of the 30 best tracks release in 2017 by Defined Music?

It was a big surprise for me that my track ‘Dope’ was considered as one of 30 best tracks release in 2017 by Defined Music. Defined Music is a very productive and selective label and releasing tons of the most groovy and actual tech house, many bright artists, so I am very happy to be a tiny part of this incredible mechanism.

What residencies are set for you this summer?

I have no program for this summer yet, I just know it is gonna be great

What was your best gig so far in your career?

My best gig was is Barcelona in Macarena club. 

Your track “Body Language” is a banger, how did you come about to produce it?

Thanks for calling ‘Body Language” a banger. I wanted to make an EP that would be very typical for Bosh Recordings, it is a very old record label with 20 years history and it’s own unique spirit.

How long have you had your own radio show?

I run my radio show Epsylon since last spring, there were 40 issues of the show till the moment. 

What do you miss from the past in dance music?

I miss speed garage 🙂

What is your favourite genre outside of Electronic Dance Music?

I like dub, grunge, psychedelic rock, northen soul, alternative hip-hop, trip-hop, punk..

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