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Tom Bug Interview

Written by on January 18, 2018

How did you get into electronic music & house music?

Hi guys, first of all thanks for having me as a guest DJ on the show. I don’t know, kinda half thanks to my older brother who started to listen to electronic music and went out on raves and parties, and eventually started DJ-ing with his school friend, and half to me dreaming about going to places like Love Parade, as I was enchanted by the mass, music and the vibe. It’s started with trance and little bit of techno with me, then house. Once I understood house…that was it for me.

What does the music scene in Croatia look like?

It’s very diverse right now, and that’s cool. Local scene is still struggling with the leftover scene my and other generations inherited…starting with 2002. it went down, kinda crashed and burned in 2004. Every since then we’re picking up the pieces, but last few years seem really better. Speaking locally, of course. As a tourist place, we’re booming with parties and clubs, as you might have heard already. Some of the world’s best and most popular names are here every summer whether it’s an EDM/Pop superstar or Seth Troxler. The Festival scene is alive and well, and starting to shape. Some bad seeds are out, some new good seeds are in. If you want to go crazy, EDM, future house, bass house and some Skrilex-like dubstep are to be found during the summer season on Zrće, with the exception of Sonus, Hideout  and some other festivals that promote much cooler stuff like house, techno and drum & bass. On the other hand, there’s Tisno, a small village with something called the Garden, an old family resort transformed into festival paradise. More private, more kinda friendly and homey environment. Plus, there’s Dubrovnik, Hvar, Brač…

We’ve seen you have won the Best House DJ Ambassador Award, how does that feel?

It was great! It’s a first electronic music award in Croatia. I won best house DJ and was nominated alongside some very competitive names from Croatia.

Do you have any new releases incoming?

A single on Blacksoul Music sub label, BLKSL LTD at the end of January with my friend Grooveline. Something quite different from my last two releases.

What was your favourite residency to play at?

Without a doubt, Deep Club Zrće in 2016. That was the shit. During the season, we managed to pull all the people that wanted something different from their Zrće experience to our place and we rocked it! I honestly had some of the best gigs of my life there. Mornings…ah, damn, some of them were truly memorable, for me, and for some of the crowd too I believe. They took a little different approach last summer, but I hope to play there again!

We saw you are playing Defected Croatia again this year, can you tell us about your experience playing year after year?

Well it’s getting bigger and better, as this is still new for them…the location, the capacity, everything. But it already picked up really nicely, and I’m happy to take part, and hope to do so for years to come. Come see for yourself, no way you can regret that.

Your track “You Gotta Believe It” has received amazing feedback, can you tell us about the creativity behind this record?

Hehe, well, don’t know about the creativity, as the final version was actually the third version. First one was just shit, the second one almost got there, but I played it quite a few time in Deep Zrće to test it, and it didn’t give me the response I wanted. Finally after a summer of playing a lot of Dario D’Attis stuff, I decided to try and do a Dario-kinda-groove – and it worked perfectly!

Who influenced you to become a producer/DJ?

As said before, probably my brother and some good old TV

If you could play anywhere, where would it be?

Anywhere? Well what I enjoy most are smaller crowds who are really into the music, that’s when I perform the best anyway, and I can do some crazy stuff like mix disco followed by house track, followed by a techno track – and I love to play like that. But as a place, i really don’t know, any place that has some proper speakers, and a good crowd, and I’m up for it. I did have a chance to play on some amazing places already like Medvedgrad Fortress in Zagreb, Revelin Dubrovnik and Carpe Diem, Hvar just to name a few. Generaly, a nice house set near a beach or with a view around dawn would be great anywhere.

What are your next steps in 2018?

First, I’m gonna get up from my chair and walk away from the computer after I finish this interview….that’s the only thing that’s for sure.

I think I’m just gonna keep on doing my Dobar House club night, continue to release stuff, try to get better, and hopefully get more gigs out there!