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DT840 – Arnold & Lane


LA-based duo Arnold & Lane release their new Buck EP, out now via Dirtybird Records

Serving as their fifth release on Dirtybird, the bombastic house duo have brought a burst of energy with their new Buck EP. The titular track ‘Buck’ is an exuberant blend of funky basslines, crunchy percussion, and Lane’s commanding vocals. Arnold & Lane’s party-starting spirit flows through the companion track, ‘Werkem’, a hypnotic mix of percolating synths and snappy snares. The EP also arrives with a dub mix that sees the duo continue to explore the depths of their wavy melodies with a near 6-minute cut of ‘Buck’. 

Regarding the EP, Arnold & Lane said, “When we say we ‘got bass’ we mean it wholeheartedly, represented in the track’s unique driving bassline. High cut the bass and twist some knobs? No problem. Now suddenly we have a swagger topline between drops that has the potential to blast these folks with the funk. All elements of the track are designed to get buck where you are. Not necessarily that crazy kind of buck we know you are assuming, but that low profile attitude kind of buck.”

Ever since their 2017 breakout track ‘Oof’, LA based duo Arnold & Lane have solidified themselves as one of the most dynamic and magnetic up and coming acts. Arnold & Lane have released on some of the world’s most prestigious underground labels, including Dirtybird, Club Sweat, IN / ROTATION, Space Yacht, and Box Of Cats, and received support from house music heroes like Claude Vonstroke and Shiba San. 

Last year, Arnold & Lane returned to the label with ‘Bing Bong Baby’ as part of the 2022 Campout Compilation, performing at the festival as well. Along with their new Buck EP, Arnold & Lane secured a spot supporting Claude VonStroke on this year’s Dirtybird Players Tour.  Arnold & Lane invite the flock to shake their tail feathers and stream their new Buck EP out now.

Today, they join us on the podcast for the first time. Listen to it below, on Mixcloud or iTunes here.

Sum up this podcast in 10 words…

What’s your personal favorite track on it?
A: I think right now, my favorite is at 48:30.  It’s an ID of ours called Inside Out and it’s a chunky heavy roller. 
L: ID at 52:00 called “Transmogrify”

What’s the special ingredient in this mix?
A: The blend of different styles of Tech House. 
L: tech house versatility!

Tell us about your new EP?
A: The Buck EP is one of my favorites of ours.  The A Side/B Side are very high energy in the club.  Had a lot of fun experimenting with different synths/sounds on these tracks.  
L: creating the bass on “Buck” was really exciting because we were nurturing something really unique with a sequencer and some hardware. Rediscovering that simplicity is always the way to go. Drums, vocals, synths all very straightforward. “Werkem” proved to be a little bit more complex with layered basslines and tweaking a bunch of knobs on the Buchla synth while we let it run on record then chopped up some of the fun parts that worked with the track.

What have you got coming up? 
A: We have a couple releases coming up with Night Bass and Dirtybird that we’re very excited about.  
L:More music with Dirtybird and Night Bass coming out soon in the coming months.

And finally, do you have a special message for our readers?
A: Thank you to everyone who listens/supports our music and thank you to Data Transmission for having us!  
L: really happy to have finally secured a mix with Data Transmission! We’ve always wanted to be featured on this mix series as we have been fans of this dance music entity for a long time. Stay tuned for some amazing music. We have coming out this year!


Arnold & Lane – ID
Arnold & Lane – ID
Arnold & Lane – ID
Arnold & Lane – ID
Arnold & Lane – ID
Arnold & Lane – ID
Arnold & Lane – ID
Arnold & Lane – ID
Arnold & Lane – ID
Arnold & Lane – ID
Arnold & Lane – Buck (Dub Mix) [Dirtybird]
Arnold & Lane – ID
Arnold & Lane – ID
Arnold & Lane – ID

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