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DT572 – Ashes


Inspired by shadowy dancers whirling insanely through clouds of smoke and dark lights. Ashes particular approach to music is purely bacchanal. Hypnotic driving techno; Conjuring rhythms, melodies and noise to increase the frequency of the peak.

The rush of sound exploding all around and the constant waves of energy that people are giving off while getting down. Born in the City of Los Angeles and submerged in the centre of the nation’s entertainment industry. Drawing influences from the west coast’s many flavours of music fluctuating, transcending and ultimately existing as the core for new sounds to breed. His inspiration for Industrial music is what drove him to explore sound designing and performance and with the popularity of rave culture growing in the U.S. it wasn’t long after his heart was captured by Drum & Bass. This led to his first DJ gig in L.A. at Nova Express which soon became a residency held for some years all the while playing at many underground raves.

As fate would have it, his call to Berlin was more of a crash landing. Losing himself to the dark void of Berlin’s music scene. It was then that he realised the deep rooted power of Techno and is now set on challenging and furthering the experience of electronic music.

Sum up this podcast in 10 words…
For me this mix was an experiment in non-linear mixing.

What’s your personal favourite track on it?
Crackerjack Cacophany By Killawatt; The girth of this track is so unexpected.

What’s the special ingredient in this mix?
I have taken the key elements for each song and mixed only the best parts.

What’s the best gig you’ve played recently?
The best gig in 2017 was at Urban Spree this last autumn; I was not even on the bill and was spontaneously asked to close the night. Total renegade mix!

What have you got coming up?
With 4 EPs on the horizon 2018 will be a big year for Nox.

And finally, do you have a special message for our readers?
Do what you love and let it become you.


Track List

Title Black Womb
Artist Ashes
Album Angel Of Dissolution
Label NOX

Title She Said Fuck People I have Drugs
Artist I Hate Models
Album State of Control EP
Label Monnom Black

Title Confront Yourself (Original Mix)
Artist Manni Dee
Album Forecast (Part 2)
Label THEM (UK)

Title Crackerjack Cacophany (Original Mix)
Artist Killawatt
Album 47012
Label 47

Title For All Eternity
Artist Headless Horseman
Album Elephant Road

Title Swallow The Screw (feat. Azar Swan)
Artist Ancient Methods
Album The Asking Breath Comes To Each


Title Propaganda
Artist Tensal
Album Propaganda Moscow: Act I
Label Propaganda Moscow

PVS – PVS – The shelter ep – 01 PVS – The sh

Pris – Faith & Honour. SEMANTICA 89 – 01 Eti

Title Submerged Metropolitan
Artist Ø [Phase]
Album Submerged Metropolitan

Title E-Talking (Tiga’s Disco Drama Remix)
Artist Soulwax


Title Haima
Artist Kobosil
Album RK2